Zwift Companion taking BT connection

So I have been having a lot of BT connection issues with my Stages bike. During the troubleshooting process I used the companion app to connect the bike to Zwift several times. Now that I have resolved the BT issues, I am connecting the normal way through the Zwift app on ATV. I had another connection issue and noticed while looking at the iPhone BT list that my Stages bike was connected through the BT. That is without ever opening the companion app. Because the Stages BT connection is not a paired component, but a temporary BT connection I could not delete it. The only way I could eliminate the bike pairing was to delete the companion app and then reinstall it. Just toggling off the app’s option to connect to BT was only temporary, and re-connected as soon as it was back on. Now with the delete and reinstall, it must have deleted the BT cache for that app. I have had this occur with the Wahoo fan, where it took the HRM connection and Garmin where it took the power BT, and with an iPad that was previously used for Zwift trying to take over the trainer and HRM, but are actually in another room?
How can I see better manage the hidden BT connections to prevent similar occurrences with an Apple product?