Zwift Companion refresh keeps you on the screen





I’m writing to request a development that would allow us to use the Zwift companion and prevent the refreshing, which is automatic, from moving our name off of the screen. In other words, when I am riding I see my name in a black field and zwifter‘s around me in a Blue field. When ZC automatically refreshes often times my name moves either up or down and then I have to scroll like crazy trying to imagine which direction it has gone. Because I use this tool to connect with the Zwifter‘s around me to send messages, or ride ons, I would love If the app would recognize the registered user of the ZC who is Zwifting and keep their name in the center of the screen rather than sending it off the screen.   I guess it would be useful to understand the refresh algorithm and to rewrite the code around the user.


thanks for your consideration.


jeffrey Roger



Hi Jeffrey,

We already have a button for this (but it seems we need to make it a bit more clear that this is what it does).

If you click this, it will do exactly what you want.

Ride On,


Zwift Game Design

PS: if you’re on iOS, just double-tap the header.

Hi Jordan,

I was just about to post the same question / request.

I do use the icon that you have circled in red, but what it does is it centers the list on my name _once_, but doesn’t keep it there. When riding in a bigger group this means hitting the button every 10 seconds, because the list is constantly being updated and my name quickly disappears.

Or am I doing it wrong?

It would be cool if a double-tap or tap and hold could switch this option to “always on”, so even if people pass me by - my name is always centered. And the icon would be highlighted in this case.

 EDIT: Please ignore my post, apparently that’s exactly how it works :slight_smile: (at least on Android): tap & hold the icon => list will permanently be centered on you. Cool.

I was going to request this as well until I found this post. I didn’t realize that icon would do exactly what I wanted.  Maybe some altered UI might be useful for this feature.