Zwift Companion App - Slope percentage/profile

(Tom) #1

Hi all,
It could be great to get more information about the route on the companion app.
Indeed while riding, if for some reason we can’t see the main screen (removing eyeglasse / other people looking at TV etc…), it is hard to ride correctly. For example when a climb appear it’s not possible to change the gear before.

So it could be great to get at least the route profile and the current slope somewhere in the Dashboard.


(Jaime) #2

I totally agree with you on this. I was about to post the request for it.

Sometimes I like to watch TV or youtube while riding, so the only display I have is the companion app and its a shame it lacks slope information…

(Bertrand) #3

I concur, it would be very useful. Actually not just on the companion app, also on the main app. Thanks