Zwift Companion app on iOS16 won't connect [September 2022]

I have issues too.

ATV 4k on 16.1
iPhone 12 PRO on 16.1.1.

Both on the same WIFI

Companion app refuses to recognise Zwift running on the Apple TV. But, here is the kicker, if I connect the phone to my guest WIFI -, it works.

Problems all started about 3-4 weeks ago. So for now I have a work around, but clearly something is not right.

Has anyone had any response from Zwift on this issue for quite a while? Are they actually working on a fix?

I recently updated my iPhone 12 to iOS 16.1.1 and noticed my Zwift Companion app wouldn’t connect.
I use the latest Zwift on PC (Windows 10) and latest ZC on my iPhone.

Both laptop and iPhone are on the same wireless network - however I realised that my laptop is on the 2.4GHz band and my iPhone was on the 5GHz one.

My laptop wifi adapter doesn’t support 5GHz, and I wasn’t able to manually change the iPhone to 2.4GHz so I disabled the 5GHz option on my router to force my iPhone to 2.4GHz and it finally connected. No reboots nor reinstalling of ZC required.

On re-enabling 5GHz on my router - ZC momentarily lost connection to Zwift (iPhone moving back to 5GHz), but then it connected again. And now it connects every time despite being on different GHz bands.

Hope this helps.

Perhaps set a diff SSID for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Put your Zwift stuff on the 5GHz and everything else on 2.4GHz.

The same wifi and same band does not solve it for me.

Given the lack of responses from Zwift on any progress, getting the impression they’ve shelved working on it because “its not shiny and new” like a new world.

@shooj @Rowdy

Yes I am getting quite annoyed with Zwift’s lack of response and action.

Basically admitted on another thread that they can only work on one thing at once.

Yeah, they only have one developer it seems :wink:

And still no response from Zwift. Not a way to treat long standing subscribers.

Not quite sure if there has been an update to either Zwift ATV, Companion or even ATV itself - but this morning things just worked. Hope the gremlins are all sorted.

I wonder if they’ve even established the cause or equipment that’s affected? I’m on 16.something and windows 10 – no issue.

nothing working on iPhone 14 pro with ATV

Can we have an update on this issue please @Rowdy ? Has a cause been identified? Any idea on time to fix?

Hello all,

We’re having difficulty reproducing this on our iPhone 14s and iOS 16 devices. With the amount of variables affecting this connection, it would be best if we take a look at your whole setup to find out what is missing. Please continue to reach out directly to Support and we will do our best to troubleshoot your individual situation.

Guessing the newly released companion APP for iOS today doesn’t fix anything… Seriously… So pissed off that this broken and zwift support are useless to get this back working!

Using Zwift since 5 years, never had a Problem with Companion since it came out. Now after switching to iPhone 14 Pro Max it refuses to connect. That’s the only ‘variable’ that changed in my working setup. Very disappointing that this takes so long to fix.

Having the same issue as those above. Had difficulty two days ago with my iPhone, was finally able to connect. Worked yesterday on my iphone, not today. Shut down and restarted both the Apple TV and the iPhone several times. Did not resolve the issue. Running 16.1.1 on my iPhone 11 and 16.1 on my ATV. At the end of the ride was able to connect to my iPad Air (4th Generation) Zwift companion app, but could not during the ride. The iPad Air is using 16 OS. Not an issue until several days ago. Suspect its and issue with the 16.1 update. I did see an update for the companion app for the iPhone. Did not resolve the issue.


This was my response when following up support. ie. it stated “still in queue to be looked”!??!?!

"Hi Mark,

Thank you for reaching out! My name is Charlotte from Zwift Technical support.

I am very sorry that the issue with iphone 14 has not yet been fixed. It is in our best interest to get this sorted for our members and it is in the queue to be looked at. I can confirm that the more cases we see the more it gets bumped up to our developers so thank you for highlighting this on the forum.

I do apologise that this week we do not have any updates but we will continue to keep an eye on this and we are hopeful to find a fix very soon.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime. If you have any questions please reach out.

Ride On.
Charlotte H
Zwift Community Support"

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Has anyone tried this successfully?

Go to:
Settings, Privacy & security, location services, system services, turn OFF networking & wireless. (note: you must turn on Location services to see ‘system services’ and ‘networking & wireless’ if it’s off.

This helped some, even on 14, but may not work in your particular situation. If you research it, you’ll find all sorts of odd networking issues since iOS 16 update. Also disabling a VPN may work for some if you use one. Just tried the above ‘fix’ and seems to help so far. No drops/switching :+1:.
It did take ZCA a few seconds after Zwift started on my PC to switch to ‘game mode’. As always, YMMV, and this is a temp fix for some as Apple fubar’d something since iOS 16.

Mine crapped out for two weeks…no ZCA connection, then came back and worked fine for two weeks out of the blue, and now it does this sporadic drop in ZCA during a ride…loses connection every 2-3 minutes, comes back for 2-3 minutes, rinse/repeat. I’m using the latest Apple/Zwift updates that were pushed out 12/1/22, at least in my locale.