Zwift Companion app on iOS16 won't connect [September 2022]

Wouldn’t be great if someone from Zwift commented on this? Looks like it’s been 2.5 months and a hundred or so posts since they last did.


How comes that the ZCA is working on one apple device and is not working on the other apple device, both with the same software?

I would totally understand that the ZCA has stopped working on ALL iPhones with the same software if Apple had changed anything in connectivity or security features and Zwift did not implement that.


Cris, again, software/hardware compatibility is the responsibility of the software developer pure and simple. I see that you’ve commented numerous times on this and multiple people have pointed this out. The reality is that Zwift hasn’t done their testing and validation properly. Ultimately if they would simply update users as to what they are doing or how they are working with Apple to resolve this issue it would go a long way.


Please try to answer my question in my last post.

It must be bad. Even ChatGPT can’t give a solid answer:

Same problem here. Upgrade from an XS to the 14 Pro Max about three weeks ago. Since then its been no luck with companion. Ive tried all the different trouble shooting. It just aint workin. Its really unfortunate that this has been a problem for 5+ months and counting.

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Unless of course, there’s an issue with the specific hardware. Just one example, but seems if there could be a Wifi connection issue with iphone 14 model(s) then that couldn’t be put on Zwift to fix:

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I have a new iPhone 14 pro max and same issue. Can’t wait for this issue to be fixed :disappointed:

iPhone 13 Pro user here, with iOS 16.3 (and previously on 16.2) with an iPad on 16.3 (and previously on 16.2) and it will randomly work. It is completely inconsistent as to whether it works or not. This happens to both my wife and I. Neither of us have the Companion app show up under Settings > Privacy & Security > Local Network or Bluetooth.

Having read thru everyones comments I decided my situation might be of interest.
I use Apple TV, an iPhone 8 running IOS16.3. It upgraded to this automatically a few days ago and since that time Zwift Companion refuses to connect properly. I can still sign up for events etc but I get no live maps when I ride and can’t give Ride Ons etc. My wife has her bike set up along side mine. She uses a Macbook Pro for Zwift and her iPhone 8 running IOS 16.3 and it connects perfectly. We both rode this morning, using the same WIFI network, her companion app worked, mine did not. I’m not sure what this tells us!

Further update, today I loaded Zwift Companion on an old iPad Mini running OS 12.5.7 and it runs beautifully using my Apple TV Setup. ZC Still won’t run on my IPhone 8 using IOS16.3. So I conclude (Sherlock) that the problem lies with the interaction between Zwift and IOS16.3.
Obviously we cannot expect Apple to sort it out and that leaves…??

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Whoops, just checked my wife’s iPhone and it is running 16.2.1 NOT 16.3 so I guess thats why it works.

We pay for it we are using it may be Zwift should go buy an iPhone 14 pro and start working on a fix.

It was a reply to a guy who said that he is leaving zwift for wahoo because there is no companion app needed.

That’s why I stated that you don’t really need it for zwift either.

Am I dreaming of a lengthy statement by a Zwift employee stating that there will be a fix in the next version?
It was here a couple of hours ago.


Nope, not dreaming….:man_shrugging:

@Cris_To You were not dreaming. I had browser loaded the other day with the message displayed. I hit refresh to get an update and the message was gone!

Here you go: -

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No good deed goes unpunished. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. There are a few more I can think of, but you get the idea.

When I saw the message before it was removed, my thought was “bold” followed by :man_facepalming:t2:. Why? Well, because he was probably about to be flooded with direct messages and/or perhaps setting himself/Zwift up for over promising and under delivering w/the next Companion update arrives. Obviously he means well, but the Internet pitch fork mob (Zwift forum in this case) is merciless.

@Rowdy care to explain why this was removed? Are we getting screwed over after 6months of no action??

" Hello there everyone,

I can confirm that this issue will be directly addressed in the next update to Zwift Companion and we’re confident that this will resolve the issue for most Zwifters who have been experiencing this issue on ZC iOS. I appreciate all of the discourse here and can empathize with the frustration.

If you have opened a customer support ticket regarding this issue, you will receive an email from me when the next ZC update is released to confirm that you’re able to pair. If you have not opened a ticket, feel free to Contact Support or @ me on this thread once the fix is live if you’re still unable to pair."