Zwift Companion App battery usage on iOS

(Liz Rice [?]) #1

The new Companion app seems to use a LOT of battery on iOS. I did a 40 minute workout yesterday and it used over 70% of the battery on a 3-month old iPhone 8!

In previous releases I’ve used the ZML app for much longer, and only seen a few % battery usage - for example I’d happily have the app running, screen on, riding for a couple of hours, and not really think anything of the battery usage afterwards.  

Today I did a social ride of about an hour and saw about 20% battery drop, although more than half the time the Zwift companion app was backgrounded as I was also using Discord. On these two pieces of very circumstantial evidence my guess is that there’s something about being in the new workout screen that uses a lot of power?  

(Bug Bee) #2

I’m seeing the same thing and I logged in to post about it. I have an iPhone X and my battery dropped 54% in 1hr and 15min while using the new Zwift Companion app.


Here’s what it looks like in the Battery section of iOS Settings:

(Josie (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Liz,

Thanks for posting and reporting this. This is definitely something our team is investigating.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

(Ingmar Hötschel) #4

Same here with my iPhone 8. Companion used 10% of my Battery in roughly 12 Minutes. But that was just the case when actually viewing the workout screen. When viewing the map it used 1% for roughly 4 Minutes. The battery usage was 74% in total for today’s workout of 80 Minutes…

(Rich Wood) #5

Same here, workout mode absolutely kills the battery. Can we have ZML back again please?

(Alfonso Montes) #6

Since the last upgrade of the Zwift Companion app my phone battery will not last for long workouts.  I just completed a 65 min workout and the app basically consumed 67% of my battery.  Is there any eta for having this bug fixed?

(Dylan Loomis) #7

Same problem here. The new app is unusable for a long workout. Further the phone gets HOT. I won’t use the companion app until this is fixed so please send us an email when you get it sorted.

(James Windle (RCCLDN - B)) #8

Same issue. Workout kills the iPhone X

(Jim Pirzyk) #9

I also have the same issue but I did find if I do not have the workout window loaded the battery usage goes back to what I saw with ZML.  So if you want ZML back, just don’t use the workout tab.

(Marc Benz) #10

The ssme happens to my Iphone 8. It is not possible to get a longer workout done with one battery life…

(Bug Bee) #11

New version of Companion posted in App Store yesterday. Haven’t tested it yet but in the list of changes this issue addressed.

(🚴🏼‍♂️ Greying Cyclist) #12

Same here, battery on iPhone 7 being eaten alive using app.