Zwift Coffee crash

Hi Zwift

I’ve been using an iPad for over a year, no crashes ever.
I’m now using a PC, and today I had two crashes closing Zwift down instantly, both because of the same behavior.
I opened the the menu at the bottom, scrolled to the side using the Zwift Play, and when I got to the coffee (that was not active yet) Zwift instantly stopped responding.

At least it was only a 51km badge hunt race :lying_face:

HI @Jan_Gudiksen. It’s Juan here a Zwift colleague. Thanks for taking the time to point out your crash. According to your description, you switch from an iOS device to a PC. There are many reason that could be caused the crash, I would recommend you take a look at this article to learn more about it. Also, It’d be a great idea to contact us at to provide you personalized assistance.