Zwift Clubs - dead in the water?

I’ll just have to try a few rides and see.
I’m under the weather so I’m just taking it easy, kind of.
Right now I’m trying using Discord.

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On Zwift we have 28 club members. But not everyone has the same goals or category.
On Gran fondo’s you can choose a category (track related ) .
All categories start togheter an they split along the way. I wanted to create a simular situation in club ride. Cat C : Volcano climb after party (3 round beach island loop + volcano climb) Cat E : 3 laps Beach island loop. (so they don’t have to do the climb). But when you create 2 grouprides. They can’t start togheter and they won’t see each other during the ride. It would be interesting to add this feature in club rides.
Ride on !

ps : When late join is open, riders don’t always get the same track. The zwifter will join the team leader , but sometimes they split up along the ride.