Zwift Click changing Intensity Levels, NOT Gears!

Zwift Click is working fine on custom free rides (which is what I typically do), but today I chose a standard “Renewal” recovery ride. Zwift Click would change Intensity while riding. But only if I stopped to O mph, would it then change the gears. I left that structured ride and went back to test my normal custom free rides (without exiting the app). And shifting worked fine. Anyone else having this issue?

Sounds like you might be doing a workout which will generally use ERG mode. This automatically adjusts the resistance of the trainer on the fly based on your cadence to make sure you are outputting the prescribed power (which is based on your FTP). The buttons increase the intensity bias from something like between 90% to 110% of the target power while in a workout for those days when you are feeling weaker or stronger. There is no need to change gears in ERG mode. When you stop or fall below a certain power output in a workout, ERG disengages (or you would enter a spiral of resistance doom!) and gear selection becomes active until ERG engages again. If you aren’t doing a structured workout, then I’ve misunderstood, and it may be a bug.

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Hi @paul_barkin welcome to Zwift forums.
Sounds like everything is working properly in both your ERG mode workout and in your SIM mode free ride.

You don’t shift in ERG mode at all because smart trainers will adjust resistance for you as you change your pedal cadence to hit your wattage target. In the context of ERG mode, those paddle buttons adjust your workout bias. Each click fine-tunes your workout intensity +/- 1% of your FTP. This increases / decreases your resistance as you describe.

Per our Virtual Shifting FAQ:
Q: Can I use virtual shifting in a workout?
A: Not if you have ERG mode on. ERG mode automatically adjusts resistance to match your workout or intervals so you can focus on turning the pedals.

Hope that clears things up!

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Thank you for your response. That was indeed the issue. I’m now 9 rides in and have learned to love ERG mode. I have been building custom workouts doing 60 minute to 90 minute of 10/5 FTP intervals and my long zone 2 rides in ERG. Then +/- to adjust power. Nice not to think about shifting!

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