Zwift Classics

Are we going to see Zwift Classics in 2023?

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I assume they have been replaced by the zmonthly races. Would they not be quite similar?

I think yearly one off events at each Zwift World is incredibly better than the garbage zMonthly series. I only race those because they driven off other events.

We don’t plan on running Zwift Classics this year.

What did you enjoy most about the Classics series? Have you also checked out SISU Tour? Field sizes are good.

It was a one off yearly event. What Zwift should do is rely on event organizers to create events then. They’ll point out that the monthly series is successful, but that’s monopolization of time slots they have. Field size really doesn’t matter that much, but field sizes going 100+ are generally bad. Generally almost all good race fields are 15-40 riders in size.

You mean in each category or all? 15-40 is a nice size for one category, but the distribution means if you have 40 in C you’ll have a decent field in B and much too small in A and D, assuming the race is set up in the conventional fashion. If you have 15-40 in A you will have 100+ in C. It’s possible to set up the pens differently but most organizers don’t do that, and there are trade-offs. If you make A category even wider to put more riders in it, well the max power for that category is infinity so it would just be supplying cannon fodder while the winners don’t change.

Many time slots is just one reason why the Zwift racing series is successful. It’s also well promoted to widely-followed social media channels, email inboxes, in the game, etc. Plus it follows a pattern that a lot of people like (short races, mostly avoiding major climbs) and people know they can expect big competitive fields, which is self-fulfilling to a certain extent. It would be great if Zwift would do more to promote community events or create incentives to enter them, like having a community racing monthly mission or something like that.