ZWIFT CLASSICS - Rund Am Innsbruck Stage 6

With the closure of The Other Thread, I thought a forum for discussion about each Stage would make sense. Obviously this is for Stage 6 on Innsbruckring. I’ll start one next week for the Stage 7 Bologna event.

I will do my best to avoid bitching about the rider cat allotment too much which will probably require some level of restraint on my part since I’m in the same cat as before: C3 and with the schedule, I’m doing the West Oz event which gives me a start time of 4am PDT on Tuesday. Reading how last weeks event went in some of the other time zones made me jealous as their fields were somewhat more restrained at the start since the point of the event is supposed to points and pacing should rule the day. Thus far, every event I’ve taken part in has the front riders pounding the rest of us into submission from the gun.

I’m really hoping they move some of the big boys with their big wattage up to C2 so the rest of us midgets have some kind of chance of hanging with the lead group. The intro says the legsnapper will give us “climbers” a chance to distance ourselves from the sprinters but my experience has shown raw power tends to rule on this course. There vast majority of the course is very flat with a long run up to the finish and that continues back to the legsnapper.

We’ll have our answers shortly.

You beat me to it. Thanks for starting the thread.

I will be in C3 7am EST. So far I have been in very competitive groups. I have no doubt that this week will be hard. I am not particularly good at climbing and this on has a lot of that.

I will report back on Tuesday.

EDIT After going into the WTRL sign-up on Monday the system selected C2 for me. So I have opted to go to C2.
The little bump in the ESSES last week was a killer so I don’t know how the leg snapper will go. :flushed:

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We’ll be racing together. We did Crit City and NY at the same time. New York has way more climbing than Innsbruckring and you finished 8 minutes ahead of me.

I don’t think 4 times up The Legsnapper really counts as lotsa climbing. I’m always getting schooled by 85kg bruisers with similar w/kg power. The vast majority of the course is flat as a Coke left in the sun so you big boys will be able to make up time there. We can be sure it’s gonna be hard.

Gerrie - I don’t know if I count laps of Innsbruckring as a lot of climbing. Gross simplification, but the leg snapper is about half of the Zwift KOM (Hilly KOM). It’s 1-2min power, depending on how fast you are. 1min-ish for C2-C4, I think.

Good point maybe not a lot of climbing but that little bit at that grade will hurt us big boys.

Is the points segment for this race the flat sprint before the bridge?

As you say its not climbing (sustained managed power threshold required) , going up Luschner- at least once would have made it more so , its a 1 minute uncategorised ramp , it wont favour pure climbers but those who can do the highest 1m efforts to stay in the lead group , and then those with the highest 5s or 15s efforts for the sprint to the line .

I can see me having to do far to much chasing down and quite possibly time trial efforts yet again to be able to have any chance to land the later effectively when it counts in the last 5km.

Also Gerrie - you’re a beast. I don’t know what you’re talking about not climbing well - any higher 20min w/kg and you’d be an A…

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Yeah, that’s 'cuz you’re gonna be in C0 and I don’t imagine life is any easier in there even with your stellar 20 minute numbers.

Until we get to Bologna, there hasn’t been a climber’s event. They’ve all been those 1-5 minute efforts and the big boys can usually manage to kill the midgets on those…

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Check by 1m numbers … :sleeping:

always been more endurance than sprint but with age that just gets more and more the case.

So all these routes supporting flying off and having to chase down makes for hard work

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That’s the whole “I’m gonna suck on today’s ride 'cuz I drank too much last night and I think I’m coming down with the flu and the bike’s been acting funny and…”

We’ve all heard that crap in the parking lot at group rides. Gerrie is just front loading the excuses and then he’ll finish on the box. Depending on how WTRL loads the grid, he should have a pretty good chance of winning this one.

Unless they do the “No, that A (or A+) rider hasn’t been up to snuff for the last 6 months and those numbers you’re seeing don’t reflect how they’ve been riding lately.” Really, I was told that by the HMFIC of WTRL before the last event. The A rider in question proceeded to school the rest of the field. “They just had a good day that day.” I was told that too.

As a real life low B rider, I’m still questioning how I and the other low B’s and high C’s are ending up with the likes of the bruisers in these punchy events. I thought the entire point of the WTRL research was to put us in pens with a group of riders we would be competitive with. I do NOT expect to win any of these but I sure would like to be penned with riders I can hang with for the entire event at my current power capabilities.

None of the <70kg <3.7w/kg riders has a chance in these events against the likes of the >85kg >4.0w/kg bruisers in a race with <20 minute climbs. It’s hopeless. And that’s why there are fewer and fewer riders each week. I personally know three riders who are not going to be racing on Tuesday because it’s stupid.

I wasn’t going to slag on you for your crap sprint. Mine is almost as crap but then we’re about the same age and mine’s never been stellar at any rate. Just less so now. The only thing that helps is the “Old age and Treachery” thing.

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I hope you are right. But knowing that climb I have my concerns.

Light riders don’t have a clue what it takes to go up fast. But as I loose weight that get a bit easier.

I have been one of the few that tends to be in a competitive group. I know a few people that are not that lucky.

My races in the CLASSICS is about the same as any other B cat race minus the sandbaggers. That’s not true for many others. I hope WTRL get that feedback as well.

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Yeah, every single Zwift Classic race has been like when I was racing in C category and there were 10-15 sandbaggers kicking sand in our faces. I am not exaggerating this point in the least.

I’ve been trying to communicate this to Marteen with an alarming lack of success. Remember, I was The Thread Killer on The Autocat Thread. Absolutely nothing has changed since I posted my rant. We’ll see but your presence in the C3 race with me does not bode well for any improvement at all.

I will absolutely blow a ■■■■■’ gasket if Stage 7 on Bologna has me in C3 and the cast of big boys in C4. That will confirm all doubts about this WTRL Autocat effort.

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And heavy riders don’t have a clue what it’s like to try to hang onto their wheels on the flats. Remember, there’s always another side to the story.


Yes I know about hanging on to strong riders wheels, the difference is a 25% power saving for staying in the draft. There’s no power saving for us on climbs.

I am not making excuses for being a bigger rider and I am not making excuses for not being able to climb fast. It is cycling same indoor and IRL. Nothing is stopping me from doing my best and enjoying it.

This thread is getting rather personal.

Let’s stick to the topic.

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Having only done 2 of the classics (Yorkshire C4 and last week Seaside C3) I am viewing this race with mixed thoughts. Not as flat as last week’s race but with not a lot of climbing either.
Guess I will have to try my best to hang on with the pack on the flats and not get dropped as I did last week.
Going to be working hard as I have been placed in the C3 again (Currently Cat B at 3.21w/kg).
Yorkshire C4 finished 2:36 behind leaders
Seaside C3 finished 5:49 behind leaders
Austria C3…

I’m switching time zones this week, which could be interesting. Is it just me or are the events not showing on ZP yet, so I can’t see who’s in the event with me?

You can see on companion app but don’t get rider stats of course. A conspiracy theorist might wonder if it’s deliberate to hinder the complaints but more likely ZP is playing up. Something curious did happen tho, I signed up v quickly when I got the email and was put in C2, later this entry vanished and when I signed in again I was put in C1 instead. Maybe there was an error in initial set-up.

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No, it hasn’t shown up for me either. May be it’s a good thing, because seeing stronger riders before the race even starts gives me a mental block to do well I think.