Zwift Choke today? No support contact available

Hi - rode France route today but had to end early cos my image kept dropping and I was not moving. It did save. Checked internet connection, and all good. Updated to latest build before ride. Curious why the “contact Us” button not working at all too

the “contact us” button should bring up a chat bot window, try using a different browser or an incognito window.

Hi @Richard_Yim welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Are you logged in to when you try to reach Support? That’s how we know who’s writing in to Support.

Do you have a second Zwift account by any chance? I looked up your account under the email tied to the account you’re using here. The one you’re using here is a brand-new account with no activity whatsoever in Zwift. Are you logged in with the right credentials?

Lastly - when you’re on there are multiple places where the Contact Us button exists. If you’re using the one at the bottom, try the one in the header instead by clicking the “hamburger” menu. Or vice-versa.

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Zwift lagged on me really bad this morning as well. Route was RGV, got below a frame per second at the worst.