Zwift causing issues with USB over Ethernet

My keyboard and mouse are run from a couch over USB over Ethernet. When I use zwift those devices constantly drop in and out. No issues with any of the devices/sensor from Zwift as those are run from another USB port (PC is close to trainer). It gets very annoying have my PC notify me of usb devices dropping in and out every 10ish seconds.

Some debug steps: Trainer is powered from separate circuit from PC to make sure there were no surges/spikes that could cause issues. No other devices drop in and out.
USB over ethernet has no issues with any other software on PC.
USB over ethernet has no issues when trainer is controlled with different device

I sympathise with your issues, but it sounds to me like a problem with the USB drivers for your Ethernet bridge, or its firmware, or something like that. I can’t see how it’s Zwift’s fault if your USB over Ethernet can’t handle Zwift, sorry.

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