Zwift can't see Kickr Core

I had a problem today where Zwift on my M1 Mac Mini was unable to connect to my Kickr Core. The Favero Assioma Duo pedals connected fine, as did the Wahoo Tickr HRM. The Kickr didn’t show up under Search either. I quit Zwift and checked Rouvy; the Kickr Core showed up there in a matter of seconds. Rebooted the Mac Mini, launched Zwift, and still no Kickr Core. Other devices work fine - the wireless trackpad in particular that I use to control it. The companion app was fine, just no Kickr Core. And only in Zwift.

Were your assiomas connected already? I had this happen this weekend where I had to unpair my secondary power for the kickr to pop up. I paired the kickr as both power and controllable and then went back and unpaired power again to pair secondary source and kickr stayed listed as controllable.

Of course, no sooner had I posted the comment above than I tried Sara’s suggestion again - and it worked this time. All it took was for me to jinx myself a little. Ah well, works now at least. Mucho thanks, @Sara_Perrin_REVO !