Zwift can't see Elite Direto X

I’ll try with bluetooth off.

I only connected to the laptop with Ant+ not BT (and laptop is shut down)

What’s strange is it should be detected on both BT and Ant+ like my Heart rate strap is.
even if BT wasnt working/paired to another dive I should see it on ANT+

If the trainer is connected to another bluetooth device then it won’t show up as ant or bluetooth. Bluetooth lock most trainers once it is connected.

OK. No other devices are turned on - other phones I tested or the laptop.
I’ve restarted the trainer, toggled BT off/on and it’s not appearing.

Is the myElite app maybe holding onto the Direto, preventing it pairing with Zwift?

myElite is uninstalled now.

I’ve just installed an alternative training app ‘BKOOL’.
It can straight away see the Direto on both BT and ANT+, and will connect to both.
I’ve never used this app until I installed it 5 mins ago.

I then unpaired the direto in BKOOL. Uninstalled the app. Restarted the phone and and the Direto.
Opened Zwift, and the Direto still cant be seen


the log files suggest Zwift is seeing the Direto, but it doesnt show in the app.

[17:39:11] Device List:
[17:39:11] ==========================================================
[17:39:11]          Non-Selected: HR Strap 27877 (0x786CE5) [ANT]
[17:39:11]          Non-Selected: FEC 30876 (0x11789C) [ANT]
[17:39:11]          Non-Selected: Speed-Cadence 30876 (0x79789C) [ANT]
[17:39:11]          Non-Selected: Powermeter 30876 (0xB789C) [ANT]
[17:39:11]          Non-Selected: DIRETO X (0x12903DFC) [BLE]
[17:39:11] ==========================================================

Have you looked at location permissions for Zwift app on mobile?

On my Poco F3 I have “only while using app” and “use precise location” activated.

thanks for the suggetion.
Yes - I think the key permission here is ‘nearby devices’.
Also, if the permissions were wrong it wouldnt be able to connect to my heart rate strap on bluetooth or ANT+ (which it can).

After chasing up support (they told me my case would be escalated) it appears my ticket is closed and account deleted.
I can no longer log into zwift and it says my email address isn’t registered.