Zwift branding getting it wrong… with the new font (a letter lost in this forum from a user, but also designer)

And now the 1 looks like a 2 (when they aren’t co-located) for me and my dodgy eyesight.

Disappointing that after all the feedback, the only takeaway for Zwift was the 1/7 distinction and no recognition (or addressing) the general readability issue that they have created for those of us that are site impaired.


I’m glad they changed it. I know it doesn’t solve everyone’s problems, from the screenshots it looks like it will be less janky and less confusing, guess I’ll need to check it out on my ride tomorrow.

That’s OK because the 2 looks like a Z. See how D. Miguel has ridden Z07Zkm and climbed 1ZZ49m?


Good to see Zwift responding to valid criticism and acting quickly to address some concerns. We don’t always feel seen and heard, but this looks like an instance where we have been. :ride_on:


Sorry for the dodgy picture:

the 1 is still the old version on the homescreen, is that intentional?

I hope not! Having the same but different font in different places is nonsensical. Maybe they didn’t actually understand the problem after all.


They’ll have missed one of the font sizes from the update, that’s all. Check in the launcher log file, there should be four*.

*for each font size


You are the… ahem… “font” of all knowledge :wink:


Just checked and confirmed. In this latest patch they updated ‘ZwiftSprintBlack105ptW0.ztx’ but not the equivalent ‘ZwiftFondoMedium54ptW0.ztx’. So wherever the game refers to the smaller font, it’s still the previous 1 design.

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Same in the Companion app:

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The real difference is weight (Medium vs Black (mega-extra-bold)).

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Does anyone else think that the number 4 does not follow the same expression as the other numbers?

Same principle though, they updated one of the files in 1.29.1 and not the other. Wonder if it’s a oversight or design choice. The Black/heavy font is the one all over the main screen when riding, so maybe they only intended to address that.

It is one hell of a weird looking 1.

and why is the 7 not curly like the others? or the base of the 2?


The old 1 is in the in-game chat also. I noticed it in the chat input field.

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They have fixed the 1’s today!! This morning’s ride still had old 1’s that look like 7’s, then this afternoon the 1’s have a base!! Hooray! Thanks for listening to the masses, Zwift. I think it has also fixed the width issue so the numbers now line up in columns.

No, the numbers don‘t line up after the change. They are still jumping around.

It would depend on how visually impaired the rider is. I for one enjoy reading people’s typed comments while riding, but that enjoyment is dampened because the font is hard to read. So, at least some of my motivation for using Zwift is lost.

For someone criticizing people for “losing their minds,” you sure spent a lot of time making plenty of comments on this topic.

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Thank you very much Youry_Pershin for the files, Chris_Corby for the Mac instructions [Game update 1.28 [August 2022] - #218 by Chris_Corby], and Cassio Davi for the adjustment for Windows.

In case anyone needs it to be more clear, here are the full instructions for Windows, including Youry’s link.

For Windows users:

Go to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\assets\fonts
make a backup of the font.wad file in this folder
replace the file with font.wad from the link posted by Youry

Go to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\assets\Noesis\Blend_Data
make a backup of the noesis.wad file in this folder
replace the file with noesis.wad from the link posted by Youry

Go to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Zwift\data\Fonts
make a backup of all .ztx files in there (8 in total)
replace all files with the .ztx files from the link posted by Youry

The link to the files posted by Youry is:

(Change hxxps to https)

It was found here: