Zwift Bowling league... That's right Bowling

(Douglas Seoulhawk) #1

SO what the heck am I talking about. If anyone out there has competed in a bowling league this will be easy to understand. I see Zwift as a training aid and competition. I have not been a member long… Still on my free Strava bonus. I really want to get into some of the races. Problem is when I look at Youtube of some of the races I just don’t see myself able to keep up. Even in the c group. So how do you keep people motivated and engaged. Then I thought about bowling… If you have never competed in a bowling league let me explain how it works. You will establish a average. This is normally done over the first few weeks. In Zwift I think it has already been done with your RTP. Once that average is established you will receive something like 90% of 200. If your average was 150 you would receive a handicap of 45. So if you were bowling against a better bowler who had a averaged of 200 and he bowled 200 and you hit your average of 150 you would still lose, but only by 5 pins. Making much more enjoyable for both bowlers. 

How could you take this model and mold it to Zwift?

The other cool thing using bowling as the example. You pay money to play in a league. At the end of the season there is a payout for the winning team, best average, most improved, etc… Again making it fun.

What do you think?