Zwift bluetooth connection on pc

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Thanks for the the feedback.  I don’t know anything about biking, so I only gave that a cursory look when I was considering my biking future.  I followed the bike store’s lead about Wahoo and went from there.  I’ll try to remember to post back what I find.  

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Is this (BLE support on Zwift for Windows 10) being officially tracked anywhere or is this message it? If the latter is the case, why isn’t it being officially tracked anywhere?

As noted many times already, the need to have ZML open to act as a bridge for BLE devices is cumbersome at times and annoying.

I’m not going to stop using zwift but this would a decent chunk of peoples experiences much better.

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ZML dropped my connection again today… 2 days in a row. During normal rides I wouldn’t care but these happened during events when I wanted to keep a group pace… and the several minutes lost between force closing ZML and bringing it back up and getting things connecting again… is annoying.

This is on a rock solid network with a pretty current (S8) android device.

Hate to be one of those guys too but I’m a lifelong tech guy and software engineer. (java, .net, scala, android)… so I’m at least somewhat competent and would hope that validates my “rock solid” claim a bit. hah.

Please… please… eliminate the need to have ZML in order to sync to BLE devices for Windows (10) zwift clients.

Just name your requirements (i.e. Windows 10) and dev towards that.

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Second what Kevin said, start with supporting at least latest Windows 10. Then see about if there’s a need to support older Windows systems or if it’s feasible.

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I did a quick survey in Zwift Riders: to try and get some numbers.

Not surprisingly then most are using ANT+ but in the context of this thread then I asked about the need for ‘Bluetooth on Windows 10’ vs. ‘Bluetooth on older Windows’ and nobody selected the latter. No one. Zero.

While there is interest and need for Bluetooth on Windows then it can be focused on Windows 10.

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So, let me get this straight. You guys want Zwift to maintain a version of there program for the following platforms:

PC Windows 10

PC Windows 7 and 8.1




Android (I am sure coming sometime this year)

And the Zwift Mobile Link for iOS and Android (people are also asking for it to rotate which would be another version of the ZML for both platforms to get it to work).

There is also running that just came out of beta recently also, which adds addition programming.

And lets not forget the server side of the programming either.

That is a lot of programs to maintain, for a small company.

I also think the poll is way to narrow since not everyone that uses Zwift is part of that Facebook group. Zwift has the stats on how many people are using Zwift and on what platforms and OS it’s being used on. I also know from being fairly active on these forums that there are a lot of Zwift users on Windows 7 that would also like to have direct BLE connection.


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Unfortunately, you’re incorrect on several points.

  1. We’re asking for Windows 10 BLE support. It wouldn’t make sense to ask for support for OS’s that will be sunset.

  2. Server side programming is a non-factor. It’s purely API communication–same routing utilized.

  3. Asking them to maintain ZML is what this thread is NOT about. We’re actually asking them to move some hardware support (BLE, ANT) out of it and require dongles on client machines like anyone else.

  4. Most importantly, I’d agree that there’s a number of touch points to maintain–if this were free. But it’s not.

I do agree that a facebook poll is essentially meaningless, though. Windows 10 is the dominant non-business based Windows OS out there.

So, that’s a fully functional windows client. A fully functional mac client. And a ZML that can be done in a cross-platform way.

(. Erlendur S. Th.) #68

“So, let me get this straight. You guys want Zwift to maintain a version of there program for the following platforms:” – Yes. But note that this thread is not asking for Mac, iOS, AppleTV, Android but rather that Windows be brought up to feature parity as possible with regards to Bluetooth.

The Facebook poll is not meaningless; in a very early post in this thread then this request was made very complicated by pointing out how difficult it would be to support this on Windows 7 and 8 and if possible then there would be cumbersome workarounds. There was also a mention that it’s not possible anymore to upgrade for free from Windows 7 and 8 to Windows 10. Well, no one is asking for Window 7 and 8.

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  1. Windows 8 Extended support will end in 2023 and Windows 7 Extended support will end in 2020 so those OS’s are far from what you are calling “sunset”

  2. It still requires man-power and programming

  3. Again, it’s another program that keeps getting requested 

4. The argument makes no sense, Zwift would need more staff to maintain yet another version of the program. Zwift is not nearly as big as people would like to believe.

  1. You somewhat incorrect in that Windows 10 is the dominate OS’s in non-business, it still remains Windows 7, but Windows 10 is gaining market share.

  2. That is 2 Windows clients (one for Windows 10 and one for 8.1/7, unless you are asking for them to drop all users on Win 8.1/7), 1 Mac client, 1 iOS client, 1 AppleTV client, 1 ZML iOS client and a ZML Android client (they are 2 different apps to you look at the settings screen)




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So you guys are asking Zwift to drop support for Windows 7/8.1 and only have a program that will run on Windows 10? That’s not going to happen anytime soon since both are still fully support by MS.

Windows 7 is still the dominate OS in the home market.

(. Erlendur S. Th.) #71

No, we are not asking Zwift to drop support for Windows 7/8, we are asking for better Windows 10 support.

By now Windows 8 and 8.1 really don’t matter, only Windows 7 still matters. But Windows 7 doesn’t dominate the home market. Some say it is even but for the product I work on then Windows 10 is 70%, Windows 7 is 25% and the rest is all other versions. I don’t know what Zwift’s numbers are.

This boils down to adding Bluetooth as a module on supported Windows platforms (presumably only Windows 10), keeping the rest of the Windows application the same.

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+1 for native BT on windows 10.  Just bought a Kinetic smart control, and didnt realize its BT only… Im ok with that, I have no need to pay garmin a license fee for my non-garmin trainer.

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hello all.


just checking in to say i’m another one who would like this feature. I have actually cancelled my zwift account because I was fed up attempting to get ZML to work.


using a kurt kinetic inride, which i didn’t realise was BLE only when i bought it. 


Loved zwift but can’t spend 20-30mins every time I want to use it attempting to pair devices etc

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I’ll add support for native BLE support on Win10.  

I don’t have major issues…I just don’t like having the phone as a bridge. 

I also like to use my bone conduction bluetooth ear buds to run Pandora for some music while I let the laptop run the game sounds, and since bone conduction earbuds are open-ear, I can hear everything just fine. When I try to connect that all with the phone, it works. BUT… I’ll get sporadic (but persistent) drops in power data to the game. Annoying at the worst, not a crisis and not a deal-breaker, but annoying. 

With Win10 capable of native BLE connectivity, I’d love to shed the phone as a bridge. 

Just adding my voice to the support for that feature. 


Appreciate everything being done at Zwift. I started right after Christmas 2017 and have been loving it. I’ve never been so consistent with trainer/indoor bike workouts, and never been at my current level of fitness in April before. Excited for this spring/summer, because I have such a huge head-start on where I’ve been in other years!

(Lawrence Tapp) #75

+1 for BLE capability on windows 10

I have been using ANT+ since getting zwift and since I do mostly workout mode and I like to get all the stars my ANT+ being hideously inconsistent and dropping out quite often I sometimes miss out on stars because of it.

I tried Bluetooth instead using the iOS app to bridge and it’s perfect buttery smooth with zero dropouts! Problem is my phone doesn’t get good WiFi reception in my garage and to be honest I don’t want to have to use my phone for it I just want to buy a BLE dongle and have a convenient reliable fuss free experience!

(Tyrone Aanhuizen) #76

+1 for direct support to windows 10 Bluetooth, just bought a brand new MSI laptop to tun zwift as the old one ones graphic card was out of date, cost quite a penny only to realize the Bluetooth can’t connect directly with the smart trainer, I have a polar v650 that only supports Bluetooth so ant is out of the question. I find it extremely annoying that some suggest moving over to ant, which means forming out cash for something so simple, i purchased an old dongle but did not work, can someone plz suggest a ble dongle that will work on my new laptop to connect directly with my hr,cadence sensor. I do not wana spend more cash just because they tell me to move over to ant, absolutely ridiculous. Using my iPhone as a bridge is so annoying

(Zoran Patheria) #77

Dear Jordan Rapp,

I actually have a Windows 10 machine which I use with the Zwift Companion App. I also use a Macbook Air which connects directly. I have to say the simplicity of the Macbook Air is amazing. All BLE devices just connect seamlessly. For My Windows 10 machine (Lenovo Yoga 13inch 2012) there are always pairing issues for my cadence sensor and heart rate monitor. Fortunately my Wahoo Kickr does not have issues so almost no problem doing a workout. 

But I simply dont understand why window users can’t have the same experience. If Windows 10 can support it can’t  you just simply keep option of connecting either way? On the Macbook Air i am able to choose BLE native or Zwift Companion App. So i am guessing the same can be done for Windows. So users who have Windows 10 can connect directly and the ones who dont choose Zwift Companion App. 

Am i missing something? 

A happy Zwifter but just sometimes feels that Zwift is being too conservative to protect the user experience. 

Thanks, Zoran

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+1 for direct BLE connections in Windows 10.

It seems that there might be a misunderstand how Windows handles BLE connections. Don’t think in terms of Zwift or any other application connecting to directly to the BLE sensor, but rather let the operating system (Windows) do that job, and then Zwift can query the OS for the sensors and receive the data through the OS. You see, it the operating system’s job to manage resources such as cpu, memory, disk I/O, Network connections, and even bluetooth/Ant connections where available. Don’t write code to a specific dongle or chipset, but write code to the system and let the system handle the resources. [see link above]. Obviously, Mac and Windows handle Bluetooth differently, duh, software companies must be able to deal with all supported systems in order to provide to the users a unified experience regardless of the platform being used.

For example very pseudo code:


If Win7
// Code goes here… poll the OS;

If Win8 or Win8.1 // or something
// More code here… poll the OS;

If Win10
// Windows 10 code … poll the OS;