Zwift bluetooth connection on pc

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #41

Are you using 5.0GHz or 2.4GHZ? I would suggest using 2.4GHz since it has a longer range and better penetrating power.

Do you have access to the Frontier/fios to see if there are any LAN rules in place that may be blocking the 2 devices from linking.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #42

Also try logging out of the ZML and closing the app completely (double click the home button and swipe the app up) on the iPhone and then open back up and log into it. 

(Willis Robertson) #43

Hi Paul,

My batter died and, as a common person .  .  . , I had to go and work.  :wink:

But I am re-charged and ready to go.

I am using the 5ghz wifi setting but will try the 2.4.

I have logged out of ZML several times . . . results are the same, no connectivity.  In addition I have already gone to settings and turned on the “sensors”.

I will now check for any Firewall blocks . . . it is hard to discern as it does not always say “Firewall” . . . I use Norton and often times I am not sure what they are indicating with regards to their firewall semantics.

Will also check the Frontier/Fios for any restrictions . . . but have never run accross this issue on many other apps . . . the connectivity is strictly the ZML and laptop.

Also, I am wondering out loud here . . . I did purchase an Ant+ and that does register on my laptop Zwift game . . . any way to use that as a patch or go between.  Additional info . . . Kinetic (in-ride) does not support Ant+ so not sure if that blocks that ability.

(Willis Robertson) #44

I took my Garmen speed sensor off of my other bike and placed on my winter bike which is on the Kinetic Trainer . . . was able to connect via the Ant+ dongle . . . now it will be a question of how accurate my stats are . . . right now just glad to be connected until I can figure out a more direct connection via BLE

(Rob ) #45

i’ve had the royal pain in the tookus that several others have had with the ZML ‘bridge’ not properly connecting to the Zwift app using Windows 10.  I was able to get Zwifting on a MacBook Pro using native BLE but I still couldn’t connect my Android to the MBP, so I had no ‘remote control’

royal pain in the butt so far.  :confused:

(Carlos Flanders )) #46

Rouvy can connect to PC with bluegiga dongle. Why can’t Zwift? Many of us experience dropouts and delays with Ant+. Bluetooth might be better and quicker. Some devices are Bluetooth only now. Just support it.

(Loren Willis) #47

I am another vote for enabling native BLE from Win10 PC’s.  Using ZML is just an added complication.

Just last night, mid-session, my ZML suddenly quit talking to my trainer, and I could not get it to resume talking.  (had to revert to the slower to respond ANT+).    As long as the ZML stays up, that is.  2nd time this has happened, in last couple weeks.  Other time I missed the start of a group event when the ZML dropped the BLE connections while in the warmup pen.

This only became important to me when I went to a smart trainer (Kickr).  In erg mode, the trainer is slow to recognize, or sometimes misses entirely, changes in wattage via ANT+, but seems to be much faster in BLE.

Please implement native BLE, even if this means a separate Win10 client for Zwift vs. a Win 7/8 client from the user interface


(Loren Willis) #48

Again today, once while in the starting pen for the event and once while riding in the group ride, the ZML lost bluetooth connectivity.  No phone calls or messages arrived to coincide with that.  Had to exit ZML then restart it.  Lost a minute of time on the group which was already riding away from me.

(Rob ) #49

yeah, I have Bluetooth completely die on multiple occasions.  It just isn’t worth the pain right now.  I got an Ant+ dongle and a good quality USB extension cord and thus far I’ve only had one disconnect, as compared to the bluetooth which constantly lost connection with the Wahoo cadence monitor and on multiple occasions lost connection with the trainer.

(Mark Jones) #50

I had 3 weeks of emails back and forth with support in order to finally get my polar h7 hrm working. Turned out I needed location turned on on my phone in order for ZML to pair the sensor. But I too have had the link from ZML fail. Direct support for BLE would be much better, in my opinion. If the likes of Bkool can do it with their sim software surely Zwift can make it an option.

(Philip) #51

+1 for Bluetooth support for Windows, it amazes me that it wasn’t included when Zwft was first released.  I also find it hard that by enabling it for Windows 10 would prevent Windows 7\8 from being able to run Zwift.  You should be able to detect the operating system and if its Windows 10 then enable a 3rd pairing method in addition to the 2 existing methods.

I sometimes use an alternative PC installed program to control my Neo via Bluetooth.  This software recommends a Bluetooth sensor (made by Bluegiga Technologies) rather than the built-in Bluetooth because it has the advantage of being able to remember the paired devices, this isn’t a problem and the sensors only cost £10.

(Nick Fielibert) #52

+1 here as well. I think it is justifyable to only hqve it for Win1 if that makes things easier. You now do it only for MAC and mobile apps, so adding it for win10 is just adding another option. If there are enough asks for other Win versions you may consider that as well.

(Carlos Flanders )) #53

I use rouvy with BLE dongle on PC and it works far better than with ant+. The dongles are cheaper as well. Shouldn’t be hard to implement BLE for PC direct. You’re not forcing people to use it. Just giving them a potentially better option. The much smaller competition are doing it - why can’t you?

Most devices are dual now, allow people a choice. Most of my acquaintances had to go out and buy an ANT+ dongle - not many got them bundled, I’m sure many of us would be happy to use BLE and have one less worry with interference and setup. 



(Carlos Flanders )) #54

Lots of folks reporting that switching from ANT+ to Bluetooth fixes the 3s lag that makes pack riding a forgettable yo-yoing experience. Another motivation to try BLE.

(Nick Fielibert) #55

Adding more reasons for native BLE: battery drain on iphone 6. Needs to be at 100% before starting or plug in the charger while riding.

Please support native BLE support on win 10

(Ragnar Magnússon) #56

Please make native BLE support for windows 10. The ZML bridge is way too cumbersome if BLE can be supported natively like has been done for the Mac client. Zwift needs to take care of non-Apple users as the PC client and the Android solutions seem quite lacking compared to IOS & Mac.

(Matt Fagin) #57

I am having the same issues as everyone else - ZML Bridge on Android, Windows 10 PC.  I was 59 minutes into a one hour ride last night and then dropped and couldn’t get reconnected.  I believe I have learned a couple things like when my wife turned the car on and BLE connected to it, it knocked me out of the game or I accidently left the dongle in my PC for my mouse which might have created a conflict.

This is too complex.  Somewhere earlier in the thread I saw that Wahoo should connect directly to the PC BLE without the ZML bridge.  Later down the thread it looks like maybe not?  

I have spent way too much time simply trying to connect Zwift, and keep it connected.  I like it, but I’m close to backing out.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #58


If you have the option I would suggest switching over to ANT+.

(Tomas Solej BMTR) #59

The “bridge” solution where a Bluetooth low energy (BLE) sensor communicates with the Zwift game on a Windows 10 laptop via a Zwift Mobile Link (ZML) app installed on a tablet or a smart phone presents another point-of-failure into the system over which Zwift has very little control.  In my situation the Zwift game sporadically displayed power as:  - - W, resulting in avatar stopping.  At the same time, Zwift Mobile Link was showing power: 0 W.  Zwift game log had the following entries at the time of outage:

[8:37:34] NETCLIENT:Auxiliary Controller: Attempting to connect to phone at:

[8:37:34] NETWORK:error (4) sending player state

[8:37:35] NETWORK:error (4) sending player state

[8:37:35] NETCLIENT:ERROR: Auxiliary Controller: Error connecting socket: ‘No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.’ (10061)

This suggests that the Android tablet is running a firewall, but all searches on opening IP ports or white-listing applications yielded no results.  I ended up switching to Apple TV 4K and all aforementioned issues stopped.

(Willis Robertson) #60

Hello Everyone,

I was just checking in . . . I too had major connectivity issues but once resolved I have been very happy.

I use windows 10, have a kinetic smart trainer, I-phone and also use garmin speed/cadence/edge 820.

I would get zwift notifications that the garmin signal may be interfering with connectivity.  I was able to connect fine with my I-phone but was not happy w the small screen and wanted to project onto my large screen tv.

I eventually purchased an ant+, $20 via amazon, and connected directly to my computer via my garmin speed and cadence sensors . . . I then connect wirelessly to my tv via mirror imaging. . . .works great . . . never a problem.  I hope this can help someone avoid frustrating issues.  So if your have garmin devices . . . this may be a good fix for those wanting to connect directly to windows 10.