Zwift bluetooth connection on pc

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Hi John,

I agree. Thanks for the discussion on this. Some ideas to work with for sure on how to make this better. Thank you all.


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Windows 10 is the lastest, why not update for windows 10? Many software sometimes has features just for one OS version, it’s perfectly normal, and we know W10 is growing a lot, some day is the windows with more users

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I am with Egil – I would like to use my Windows 10 laptop to communicate with my inRide BLE power meter WITHOUT the need for ZML bridge running on an Android tablet.  Such “solution” only introduces a complex variable into the system.  For example, I just spent two weeks troubleshooting sporadic power meter outages which I’ve been experiencing for at least two months – Zwift game would display power as:   - - W , but my tablet, Galaxy Tab E, would show an actual number (ex: 0 W ).  In the end, the Zwift logs revealed that the game was unable to communicate with the tablet over port 21587.  I have full control over the PCs firewall and antivirus software, but I cannot control Samsung’s Knox mobile security solution, which was either installed or modified during the somewhat-recent Android OS upgrade.  As a workaround, I am using a “dumb” Samsung Ellipsis tablet which lacks Knox.  So, how do I go about eliminating the ZML bridge and use my Windows 10 laptop?  Thanks.

(Steve) #24

Just a comment that there is a downside to Kurt Kinetic’s choices to not provide ANT+ capabilities in several of their products. It’ll be good when Zwift supports BLE in Windows 10 but it’s not necessary for Zwifters with the ANT+ or dual-band ANT+ and Bluetooth devices that are standard for cycling products.

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+1 for doing the Windows 10 bluetooth. If you can only do it for windows 10 and windows 8 as stated earlier and windows 7 users have to still use ZML, why wouldnt the choice be to make 60% of pc users be able to use bluetooth (win 10/8) instead of 0% without the zwift mobile link. 

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@Ryan and others - the issue is that in order to do it for Windows 10, it fundamentally changes things in the code that breaks other parts of the game on older WinOSes. In other words, there’s an exclusivity associated with this change.

Basically, if we make this available for Win 10 users, it’s not just that we aren’t solving the BLE issue for Win7/8 users. It’s that the game itself wouldn’t then run on Win7/8.

(Tomas Solej BMTR) #27

Thanks for the info Jordan.  Keep in mind that Win7 is end-of-life in 2 years.

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My apologies to the OP, but when I posted on this and similar topics then my thread ( was promptly closed and I was basically told to hijack this thread; so I’m doing just that. :slight_smile:

+1 on direct/native support for Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) on Windows.

Most of the time then ANT+ on Windows coupled with BLE bridging through the ZML app works, but:

  • More and more devices are going BLE; I sometimes even bridge ANT+ devices through my Viiiiva heartrate monitor because of the limited range of ANT+ and because how susceptible it is to interference
  • Sometimes the wired network of the computer and the wireless network of the phone can’t talk to one another, making the ZML bridging impossible

It really doesn’t matter if it can’t be supported on Windows 7 and Windows 8, and the argument that “the game itself wouldn’t then run on Win7/8” doesn’t hold any water; it simply entails there need to be different versions for Windows 10 on one hand and for Windows 7/8 on the other hand. Just as there are different versions for Mac and for iOS and for tvOS. What are your numbers for Windows versions? For the game I’m operating then Windows 10 is 65%, Windows 7 is 28% and the rest (including Windows 8.x) is 7%. We support two versions, with DX9 and DX11 rendering; only supporting DX11 would lock out the Mac platform and older Windows systems, hence the need, for now, to have two versions.

The BLE dongle argument is in a similar vein. More and more computers have built-in Bluetooth 4.0/BLE, but because some people would have to buy a dongle then nobody can get BLE support? Coming back to the game I operate then this would the equivalent to saying that because not all platforms/systems support DX11 then everyone only gets DX9. Which is what we don’t do, we simply support both.

And, BTW, is verifiable out-of-date, that is why I posted. If that article was updated for tvOS and answered the Windows matter, there wouldn’t be a need to close posts from annoying posters like myself. :wink:


(. Erlendur S. Th.) #29

To Egil and Paul and others in this thread: The Windows 10 upgrade is still available, it’s open until 31 Dec this year:

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #30

. Erlendur S. Th.,

That does not mean just anyone can upgrade. Yes the license will work, but they are not valid. Please do not push this as if anyone is allowed to do it. For the general public the the free upgrade ended over a year ago.

(Willis Robertson) #31

I have a KINETIC SMART TRAINER, I-PHONE SE, Lap top with WINDOWS 10 and have purchased an Ant+ dongle (which I just now learned KINETIC does not support & not sure if that matters with my I-PHONE to ZWIFT LAPTOP connectivity, I have ZWIFT MOBILE LINK installed on my phone/sky blue in color thumbnail.

I am unable to connect to my laptop and cannot get anything but the “homescreen”.

My i-phone is NOT connected directly to my laptop via BLE, my inride is not connected to my computer via BLE .  . . but I leave BLUETOOTH on with my laptop so it can discover and connect to the ZML.

On my ZWIFT LAPTOP GAME the mobile icon in the upper left corner only shows a triangle with an exclamation . . . ie not connected.  It does show the Ant+ with emanating circles but so far that does not help.

Looking for help as I do not want to only be able to use via my mobile phone . . . my end goal is to use via my laptop and then project via my big screen tv using a HDMI connection.

(I have been trying to remedy via ZWIFT support but the delayed turnaround via e-mail is frustrating.

Paul, I hope you can help me as you seem to be the greatest source of knowledge here . . . but any help is welcome. 


(Willis Robertson) #32

1 additional note . . . when I check the Documents/Zwift/log in . . . when it tries to connect to my phone I get a repeating “Error 4”

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #33


You should have started a new thread, but I will try to assist you.

Ok, for one the Zwift app on the laptop and the Zwift Mobile Link on the phone DO NOT connect over Bluetooth, the connect is done over WiFi. 

To connect over Wifi both the laptop and the iphone MUST be on the same network.

Here is a link to the Zwift KB on connecting the ZML to the Zwift App:

Let me know if you need any additional assistance.

(Willis Robertson) #34

another quick note to help narrow focus on where connectivity issue may be . . . both lap top and phone are connected and using the same “wifi”

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #35

ok, are you logging into the Zwift App and the ZML with the same account?

I would also suggest putting the phone in Airplane mode and just turning on Wifi and Bluetooth to see if that resolves the issue.

Do you have a firewall installed on your laptop? If so I would turn it off temporary and test to see if they link.

(Willis Robertson) #36

yes . . . both on the same account, both on the same wifi

I have tried the “airplane” mode before . . . but will try again

(Willis Robertson) #37


thanks again for your reply . . .  turned on “airplane mode”, made sure Bluetooth and wifi were both on . . . connected to same wifi as laptop . . . . no luck.

loged out on my computer and back on . . .still not connectivity

will check firewall now

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #38

Also make sure they are both up to date.

(Paul Allen (Watopia Wayfinder)) #39

What are you using for your Wifi?

(Willis Robertson) #40

Both are on same account…my wifi is via Frontier/fios