Zwift Bike Throw

Hi guys,
Do you know how many times I have been beaten in a Zwift sprint by a millimetre and thought to myself, ‘if I was outside, I would’ve done a bike throw and won!’ Well if anyone else has, you know what I mean. Zwift, you know how in the companion app you can press a button and you avatar can wave, you can take pictures, change the view, ext. In your next update, maybe consider adding a button to bike throw, that would be awesome!:joy::grin:

it’s quite easy to reach for your phone with a sweaty hand during a full gas sprint for the line


We’d have to name it “The Bjarn Riis” button!

I’ve actually seen a guy do that at a MtBike race years ago when he finished second to my son. The guy got DQ’d from the event so he went from second place points to zero points. We still call that a Bjarn Riis after the pro who tossed his bike when he got first loser in a TdF stage when he thought he was going to win.

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Bike toss is not the same as bike throw. :wink:

An app button is so meh, I’d prefer a position sensor to detect the real thing. Though in my setup the front wheel hits a bench which stops the movement after ~50 cm (I only make it that far in points races, occasionally).

This is a bike throw:


We can do this…


Now THAT’S a bike throw!

Well he’s making a statement!:joy:

The funniest thing is that it is on record that this bike was borrowed. That would have been a special conversation!