Zwift Beta Windows/CompuTrainer Crashing

Running a Toshiba laptop, i7 processor, Windows 7, and a CompuTrainer, with the latest software…Things had been going well on Swift island, but twice in a row today, and the last time (several days ago) I rode, the program crashes. Today, both times, it crashed around the 2.7 mile mark. Windows alerts me to the crash, then closes the program. The program boots fine, sees the CompuTrainer no problem, and everything works as before. But now the crashes are happening every time…the last three times, anyway.

Anything driver-wise I need to install?


I can confirm that three times i have had the same computer crash using the same equipment. I have reported it today with a support ticket. It normally happen on long rides > 50k. Twice in 7 day i have the goal of 100k both times crashing around 50k.


I found in the control panel event log history proofing it had crash. Might be time for OEM to take a look for a fault. I will try in another 7 days for a 100k to verify.