zwift avatar stops when I'm cooling down

(Izabella ZiFIZZY) #1

Hi All

when I’m cooling down at the end of my ride - I just stop despite still peddling. I’ve tried changing back up the gears, moving my pc closer, pushing my back wheel harder against my turbo trainer

Any suggestions?

(David K) #2

Thanks for letting us know. The first thing I’d recommend when you have a few minutes to spare would be exiting Zwift completely and using your trainer’s official support app to check for firmware updates and complete a new calibration.

Once your trainer is paired within Zwift again, Zwift should begin using the trainer’s new official calibration data which may resolve the concern.

I’ll create a ticket for you because if those troubleshooting steps don’t help, we’ll need to take a look into your log files to further isolate the issue.