Zwift as a PWA (cross platform on Edge, Chrome, Safari, Linux)

I’d like to propose investigate running Zwift as PWA (Progressive Web Application).

One of the biggest drawbacks with Zwift is the limited platforms it runs on - if you run Apple you’re sorted (obviously). If you run Windows you’re sorted. If you run Android you’re sort of sorted depending on your hardware - phone’s may work but the screen is small, some tablets work but many don’t, if you run Android apps on a Chromebook or Android TV it’s a no-no. Similarly for anything Linux - no chance.

Transitioning to running Zwift as a PWA (perhaps working with Zaneray like did for their commercial storefront) would allow the game to become truly platform independent and would work on any device that can run Edge or Chrome browsers …yes, Apple devices too. Another benefit to Zwift is that only one development channel would need to be maintained rather than the current collection.

Definitely a must.