Zwift app won't allow return to home on iPhone X

The bottom-swipe ‘home’ gesture on iPhone X does not work in the Zwift app. If the iPhone X is rotated 90 degrees, a swipe ‘up’ from what is the actual right of the screen or from the ‘top’ of the rotated phone does work.

Can you please allow the Zwift app to close like any other app on the iPhone X?

I’ve got to say, some of the app design decisions try to be far too slick and not functional enough. Items like this are irritating, along with the inexplicably minuscule settings icon to calibrate the trainer and the lack of a File > Quit button on the Mac. On that topic, no Mac app quits just by closing the window via the red dot in the upper left corner. Put a freaking Quit menu in there please.

P.S. I think the $15 per month rate sucks. I can understand an increase but a 50% hike is egregious. 

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen isn’t something we can disable. That is an iOS feature.  What version of iOS are you using?  Is it always broken or are there only certain times during gameplay its broken?

I’ve confirmed on our iPhone X’s at ZwiftHQ here that it works as expected, but maybe we are testing in a way that doesn’t cover your case?

App is launched, entered into watch mode. The app is running and I can see the road. The app fills the screen. Holding the phone upright (not landscape), swiping up from the bottom does not return you to home. You cannot swipe down from either corner fir the control panel or notifications. I can swipe left or right and the app will close. There is no case on the screen. OS is 11.1.1 and 11.1.2 (upgrade to fix cold response issue).

Update - after swiping left/right, I can get to the home screen. If I swipe up to choose Zwift again, the swipe up from the bottom (before I see any motion in the app), the swipe will close the app. However, if I let the app run for a moment or two (seeing activity) The swipe up and down doesn’t work. I have to swipe left/right fro the rotated (virtual) top or bottom…

Any app that runs in landscape mode will only allow ‘swiping home’ from the bottom of the landscape view, regardless of the phones physical orientation.    Likewise, when running a portrait-only mode (ie, the home screen) you can’t turn the phone sideways and swipe from the bottom either - you must swipe from the bottom of the oriented screen.

This is an apple design decision and implemented entirely in iOS.   I suspect all single-orientation apps will behave the same way.

Zwift doesn’t work right on iPhone X. It needs an update for swipe up as well as username and password login

Howard, can you be more specific? Swipe up works fine on iPhoneX as far as I can see (also, it’s not something Zwift controls, it’s an IOS feature).

What’s wrong with the username and password log in?