Zwift app shutting down and not able to run despite pod being detected

Over the last few days Zwift had shutdown a couple of times without warning. Tonight I tried to do some running and even though my Zwiftpod was detected and connected nothing happened when I started running. I have 2 foot pods because I thought I’d lost one a few months ago and bought a second one… Zwift wouldn’t respond to either but connected ok.
In the past this sort of thing has always happened after a Zwift update so I’m suspecting it’s a Zwift bug. Any ideas?

Hi @David_Simpson

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. When you say “app shutting down and not able to run” do you mean A) the app crashes, or B) that your physical running effort does not move your avatar does in-game, or C) both?

If B: I’m looking at your data logs on our server, and see that your latest Dec 3 run session logged both your Wahoo Kickr and your Runpod as power sources during that session. That’s unusual - normally, when you log in and start a session, you should be prompted to select a power source from the ride side, or from the run side, but not both. Did you save & exit out of the previous bike session before you started this run session?

It’s likely that having the Wahoo and the Runpod both sending power data is causing the avatar not to move in-game. The surest way to remove conflicting power sources would be to 1. disconnect the power cord form the Kickr after each ride and 2) consider removing the battery from Runpod that’s not in use.

If you meant A) the game crashes: how far did you get before the crash?

  1. You were able to log in with username / password
  2. You got past the “Let’s Go” prompt
  3. You were able to select Run as your activity
  4. You were able to pair to your Runpod
  5. The session started, but it crashed right away
  6. Somewhere deeper into the session?

Hi, thanks for the reply, I disconnected my Kickr and the Avatar was able to run. Never had that problem before.
The app shut down after I did my calibration today but when I logged back in it was ok and I managed a 74min run with no problems.
The app shutdown at the end of my bike intervals on Sunday about an hour into the ride.

Sounds like all’s well again - glad we got to the bottom of it!

It’s best practice to save & exit each session after each activity so your game details are uploaded to the server. At that point, the game app should close completely - if it doesn’t, manually force-close it. Doing so will ensure that your next session starts with a clean log-in.

Regarding game crashes: there’s many possible causes for that, some related to Zwift, others not. I’d suggest shutting down the computer after each session and rebooting before the next to minimize the number of other processes your computer runs in the background during your Zwift session. This reduces the number of possible causes and helps us troubleshoot if needed.