Zwift app not working on macOS 10.11

I’ve been happily using Zwift on my Mac until today, where the app stop working after an update. Uninstalled and reinstalled app. App opens and shuts down after pressing “let go”

Will look for other apps if Zwift doesn’t work.

Are you able to update your MacOS to 10.12 Sierra? As of yesterday’s update, that’s the minimum requirement for being able to run Zwift.

Edit: according to Apple’s support information, your hardware can be updated to Sierra.


exact same problem here… app disappears after Let’s go…
Mac Book Air 2013
OS X El Capitan 10.11.6

Saiful, as mentioned in the post just above yours, Zwift no longer runs on macOS versions before 10.12 (Sierra).
If you want to continue to use Zwift on your device, and it can run macOS 10.12, then you will need to update the operating system.

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