Zwift app freezing (not responding)

(Tommy Dowd) #1

 On Sunday I made 3 attempts to log in and ride and the app froze after only a few minutes into the ride. Again on Tuesday the app froze on me and I had to restart the app.

I am using a PC with Garmin Ant+ dongle and sensors.

PC is windows 10 Intel 1.gGHz, 4400 Graphics, 6GB memory, 500 GB HDD

Last night I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but have not attempted to ride yet…

(Jiri Kolar) #2

My app started freezing, after new update, on new lava-flat course… i tried twice and after roughly 8kms crashed/freezed in exactly same spot

(N T2017) #3

same here mate - been using an old xps dell for 3 weeks and itrs been fine - then just after the volcano update its gone to shxx - sent a support request and they said graphics card not fast enough.  ok - so now ive put my best laptop on the job a hp pavillion with i7 quad core, nvidea GEFORCE GTX its a gaming laptop lol - still crashing and now cant even log in - pants!

(Jiri Kolar) #4

its not about graphic card :frowning: i have and use a gaming PC running newest games… lol thats good excuse for a  bad update

(Jason K) #5

It’s possible that everyone who’s posted on this thread is having a different issue, so depending on what you’re seeing, you’ll want to check the following:

  • If you’ve never been able to successfully ride, see our crash article.
  • If you’re freezing on the Volcano course, it’s probably a bug that we’ll be patching tonight.
  • If you see your rider list empty out/your Internet connection drop before the freeze, it’s probably an issue we’re aware of.

If you have questions beyond this or your situation doesn’t match any of these, you should submit a ticket to so we can see your logs. Thanks!

(Tommy Dowd) #6

Though it has been freezing on occasion the worst incidents were on the 22nd and 24th. I believe that is before the Volcano was added.

Internet connection has been good all the while.

(vyns edwards) #7

same old story before and after update …not good enough

(Ewan Wilkie Kinross CC) #8

I have been having the same issues with freezing during workouts.  It gets a bit frustrating when it freezes after 58 minutes of effort.  I’m pretty sure that it’s not my internet connection and it sometimes works fine for a ride and the next day just freezes.  I’m now at the stage when I am expecting it to freeze and not record anything.  Not convinced that it’s worth the £8 p/m. 

(Tommy Dowd) #9

I’ve had some great PR rides going only to have it freeze just moments away from completion. I understand the frustration. Got an email from Zwift yesterday telling me to try to update my graphics software but the Intel Update utility found no software to update. :-/

(Jiri Kolar) #10

Today i was able to finish Volcano flat, 2 laps.

I think they fixed this one…

Occasional freezes is most likely different story

(Ewan Wilkie Kinross CC) #11

Today I managed an hour workout on CCW Volcano course, but it was at 15.30 which is before it gets busy.  I’ll try tomorrow at about 18.30 and see what happens.

(vyns edwards) #12

screen froze again tonight and lost the workout , zwift switched itself off ,internet connection at full bars , initially problems logging in and trainer pairing , seems to be the norm , NOT GOOD ENOUGH. hope they read this , prob wont make a difference

(Jerry Caton) #13

Right after I Joined Zwift, I had a Zwift App lockups.

  1. First time running the 1Hr 20min Free Ride workout. Computer was locked up as well. Had to do a hard power-off/on to get it going again.

  2. Last night running the Gorby workout. Just the Zwift App froze. Killed the app with Task Manager and restarted.

In both cases after restart was able to complete the ride. Interesting part, both times the Crash happen at 10min 57seconds in to the ride.

System: DELL XP8700, ANT+ Dongle, Garmin HR monitor, Speed & Crank sensors.

(Ewan Wilkie Kinross CC) #14

I tried the FTP Builder Workout this afternoon and it froze twice:  Once after 16.24 and then again after 8.36.  I had to close the programme as it wasn’t responding after either time.  It did install an update before I started the first ride, so has anyone else had the same problem?  I managed most of last week with no real problems, so I can only assume that it is some sort of system problem or am I just the odd one out (again)?.  

(Paul Fish) #15

The Zwift app for my Android just updated and is now unstable.  Heretofore it has been very reliable.   Now the app either freezes my tablet completely forcing me to do a hard reset, or it will reset on it’s own.  This happened three times in a single hour.

I know if is not any other issue as the device doesn’t lock up when running other apps for hours.  The only time it locks up is when I am Zwifting and the app is running.  The Zwift program is unaffected except that I had to switch to ANT+ to complete my ride as I was using Bluetooth for my Hammer Trainer.

I anyone else having this kind of issue?

(Tommy Dowd) #16

I have turned off Zwift for the summer but will be back next winter. The last few sessions on Zwift worked well so I am guessing Zwift is and continues to have a variety of issues causing freezing and drops. Either from bad internet connections or software issues or both they seem to get a handle on it… eventually.

(Maxim Golyanitsky) #17

New year, old problems… Everything was great and after one of the latest updates my old MacBook Pro became TOO old. What happens? Why a month ago it was fine enough to run app and now it isn’t?

(Tommy Dowd) #18

This year I am experiencing a freeze every third ride or so. Zwift has more users and more upgrades and my PC is another year older so who knows what the cause is. I never really got to the bottom of it last year it just seemed to freeze less as the season wore on.

(Todd Rall) #19

I had mine freeze twice last night on the Richmond course.  Having it happen twice is a first.  In the four months I’ve been doing Zwift it has probably done this an average of once a week.  It’s starting to get really frustrating.