Zwift announcers (dream team)

So, I think we can all agree that Zwift is going to have to hire Bob Roll and Jens Voigt, after the current 2019 TDF, to be the official “Zwift Announcers” for the ‘Zwift Olympics’ or the first ‘Tour de Zwift’, etc.
It’s an eventuality, Zwift races will be happening in public, being broadcast, and Zwift will have to hire a dream team of announcers for these deals, might as well get Bobke and Jense!
Maybe the Zwift mothership will start a poll to see who they should hire as the first official Zwift sports announcers? My vote is already in above…:sunglasses:

Have you seen Nathan Guerra announce Zwift racing. He is the voice of zwift.

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Can we? I don’t think so. I’ve no idea who Bob Roll even is. As for Jensie, just being a great rider doesn’t mean he’d be a great commentator. I haven’t ever heard him commentate though, so I’ve no idea.

Take Sean Kelly for example. Great cyclist, and he knows a lot of stuff. But I find him really quite boring to listen to as a commentator. Just because of the way he speaks really. It’s quite slow and relatively monotonous.

Wiggo’s back-of-a-motorbike commentary has been pretty entertaining.

I miss the de facto standard of Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett. :frowning: