Zwift Android app auto Rotate to Landscape

I have a Verizon ASUS ZEN pad 10 - Android 7.0 tablet as Verizon will not update it and I cannot get it to auto rotate from portrait to landscape when used with my setup.

All my other professional grade apps auto rotate when I do and almost 90% of tablets are used in landscape mode.

If a developer says it is too hard and we have to write 2 apps maybe he/she should have picked a different career as the customer is always right.

Yes this is a bug and incomplete software. Is the iPad version any better?

I tried to use Rotation - Orientation Manager by Pranav Pandey and it is just not good enough.

Maybe the developers should find out if 90% of the users want landscape and ditch keeping the portrait version of the software up to date. If the iPad works I will just buy one of those for Zwift, if the Samsung tablets work better maybe I should get one of those just for the companion app for zwift.