Zwift and zwift power

Does someone can explain to me, why after my first run on zwift, on categorie D race I was 44th… somehow on zwiftpower my clasification was 5th.

help me to understand how to recognize while I,m racing what is my position.
Grzegorz Omer

Congratulations, it is simple - some people not @ Zwiftpower, some (many) people in wrong cat (mostly cheating, sandbagging).

Ride on!

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Ok, so how I can to reconignize who will be clasified corectly to try keep up with Him/Her

In Zwiftpower, hit the Live button and you will get semi-realtime view. This, for example, is a race thats on now and I filtered by Cat D. You can see the sandbaggers that are registered on Zwiftpower that you can ignore, and you dont see people not registered.

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So, how to choose right race where rules are clear. Where riders are only ZPOWER registered. They can cheat with ZPOWER? Live option in ZPOWER is the solution but with 20 sec update sometimes is too long to react.

Don’t believe what you seen on the screen, I like many organisers have stopped putting Zwift results on screen and we use Zwiftpower. The Live button is a very good guide, I had 5 non D’s in my D only race last Friday. They are filtered in Zwiftpower automatically and if one slips through I get them when I check results before we publish on the race fb page.

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The tools utilised for racing are being reviewed now and we’ll likely provide better quality racing perhaps starting next year. Its a subject that has been and still is heavily debated and discussed here and other social media platforms. IF you want a current example, check out this thread below. The good news is, better quality racing will be coming zoon :wink:

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