Zwift and Vitality points in the UK

Hey Guys,

I am just getting into Zwift, with my Tacx Flow and Wahoo Tickr rocking away…however…

I want to get my points into Vitality, and the Garmin/Zwift sync rides arent accepted by Vitality (which IMHO sucks) so I am trying to find a tried and tested method. I tried importing the Garmin file after exporting the Zwift data, but that still doesnt seem to work. So I think the only option is to hook up the Tacx to my Garmin Edge 810 and have the workout recorded there and delete the duplicate?

Does anyone know if they plan to fix this? It’s really frustrating!

Given Strava’s widespread use by so many for exercising, what would be especially nice is if Vitality would change their policy and start accepting Strava data. This would resolve a lot of issues for a lot of people, including Zwifters. In my opinion, Vitality users should be flooding Vitality with this very request.


What I do is record on my Garmin completely independently while I Zwift, picking up my heart rate and data from my trainer. I do not use the Zwift to Garmin interaction, but save my Garmin data directly from my device, which does then register on Vitality.

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Managed to get the Flow sensors paired with the Edge 810 and all the data is coming through; getting the Vitality points too!

One thing I am not sure about though is why the speed on the Garmin is so low?? Have I missed something?

The speed and distance on the Garmin will never match, it only see your wheel speed and foes not know if you go up or down

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Was told this hack by some other Vitality users. Download the .tcx from Strava, import into MapMyFitness and if you have MapMyFitness linked to Vitality it will credit you. Loading into Garmin will not (not only that, but Garmin has issues with some .tcx files I have found). Works better than wearing two different HRM straps and recording on two devices at the same time. BTW, have started a FB group for cyclists who use Vitality. Redirecting... (Cyclists who are fed up with Vitality). Also, there is a discussion going on here about the issues as well. Redirecting...

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I have a garmin watch and set it to manual activity and indoor cycle. This also works on my Apple Watch. The indoor cycle goes into apple health and creates a ride. This gives you the vitality points. Easy fix if you have a garmin or Apple Watch !


If anyone figures out how to edit the FIT files from legitimate historic Zwift rides to get credit with Vitality, i would love to know

Yeah this is what I have to do! Just need to get a separate Bluetooth heart rate monitor as Apple Watch can’t be doing an activity and liked to Zwift at the same time!

Still trying to work a solution out to this. Did you have any joy?

I’ve tried changing the device type so it picks up the ride as if it was recorded from my Garmin but had no joy. I think the combination of the device type and the activity type being ‘Virtual Ride’ is the issue. I can’t find anything online on how to change the activity type in the fit file. :frowning:

Hi all. I just whatsapp’ed with the Vitality UK yesterday with this exact same issue. They highlighted that the press release (referred to in one of the posts above) related to the US Vitality group, which is apparently different.
I highlighted that this should be considered by Vitality UK as it is being talked about a lot (I exaggerated) in the forums. He said he forwarded my suggestion to their “Continuous Improvement Team”. I suspect they might take more notice if multiple people sent the same suggestion? Google “vitality UK here to help” and the contact details will come up. (sorry… can’t post a link here).

I purchased a “LIVL0V V5 ANT+ USB Stick Dongle” off amazon for £15. There is no setup, I just plug it into the laptop I’m using for Zwift.

Using my Garmin Venu, I go to settings, tick “broadcast in activity” and then hit “broadcast”.

On Zwift I can now pick up the heart rate monitor.

I’m connected to Garmin on Zwift, so my activity is automatically saved. No duplication and HR data is in the activity now which is nice.

I use an iPhone so Garmin is synced with Apple Health.

All of this works. I did a 30 minute cycle this morning and got myself 8 points. It’s a small faff having to ‘broadcast’ HR everytime, but it’s only 10 seconds and Zwift takes longer than this to open for me!

I can’t believe that three years after this thread was created, Vitality STILL haven’t added support for ride syncing via Health, Strava, Garmin, Wahoo or anywhere else useful.

I understand there are workarounds but there shouldn’t need to be.

I did 7000 miles last year and got no reward for it!