Zwift and Politics (June Software Update)

(Todd) #1

I’ve enjoyed participate in Zwift since it’s beta in late 2014 and one thing I liked about the platform is that discussions of a political nature were typically not accepted among the riders. I’ve been on rides where political discussions started rearing their ugly heads and other riders quickly shut those conversations down.

However, Zwift the company has chosen to push a political agenda with the latest June software release and as a result, I will now begin shopping for a new alternative to Zwift… something I’ve had no reason to do in the 4+ years that I’ve been on Zwift.

Everyone has their right to have their own political beliefs, but when a company chooses to take sides on a political hot-potato and force it on their users, it’s a loose-loose situation as they will alienate their users that don’t support the same stance.

I’m not saying that anyone is “right” or “wrong” with whatever the political stance is, but I am going to investigate other platforms that focus on the sport of cycling and don’t try to use the platform as a way to push an agenda on it’s paying customers. That is unacceptable.

It may take me a while to find a new platform I like, but when that time comes, me and my wallet will be going elsewhere.

(Fez) #2

This is probably a troll post but I guess I will ask. Are you upset over the promotion that celebrates Gay Pride month? If so, why are you afraid of LGBTQ people? I think there is room to be inclusive in cycling, indoors and out.

(C ampy Fanboy PACK) #3

If there is such a promotion, that’s great news. Where did you see it? Can’t find it…

(David) #4

I have just had an email about it, and am tempted to get the turbo out again to take part.

If that is what is being complained about, I am just sad that people are still looking at LGBTQ rights as any kind of political statement rather than a simple matter of basic humanity, fairness and equality.

(C ampy Fanboy PACK) #6

I just got the email. Looks excellent! And it’s voluntary, obviously. Those not interested can simply ignore it and none of their ordinary Zwifting activities will count toward the cause. And they won’t get the “Pride On” kit :laughing:

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(S) #7

What exactly are the politics of the gay community?
Pretty sure you can find gay republicans, democrats, libertarians, socialists, communists, fascists…etc etc. Like any large community, there doesn’t seem to be any holistic, unifying political agenda that I can determine.

(Jean-Christophe) #8

I agree.
I’ve just unsubscribed my zwift membership.

(Daren) #9

If one result of this is that all the bigots quit the platform, I’m even more for it.

(Daren) #10

If a message of love, open-mindedness and understanding is a political agenda, bring it on.

Are you saying you disagree with these ideas?

Do you get upset by the World Bicycle Relief events too?

(Jim) #11

While that isn’t a very inclusive attitude, it echoes my sentiments exactly. Bigots really bring out the worst in me, I’m afraid.

The next challenge is to get all of the misogynists to quit.

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(Ward) #12

They won’t even really say what they’re upset about… They hide behind “politics” rather than say what they really mean… Nobody who is against the pride on events even has the nerve to say their real feelings.

The diversity of zwift is a big part of why it’s so fun. Riding in a break with people from all over the world and from all walks of life make using zwift MORE fun.

Spend some time with people who are different from yourself, it makes you a better person.

I can ride with the DIRT. (dad’s inside riding trainers) and have a great time even though I am not a dad, and so far none of them have tried to convince me to become just like them… I also rode a team Italy gladiator race and believe it or not nobody tried to convince me to become Italian.

(Robert) #13

I’m not sure why

(Jeff) #14

I support both. great point about World Bicycle Relief. nice to see rational thought. being is the silicon valley / SF bay area I see no issue with this. rights and acceptance is good which my wife and adult kids agree with.

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(Andrew) #15

I think the point is that there is corporate virtue signalling rather than true diversity and inclusion. I think the “ride on” idea was just about being a good person and enjoying being surrounded by the community rather than judging others on their creed and some will view the “pride on” as picking a side. What makes someones opinion more righteous than anothers? The great thing about it is that its just another event for those who choose to participate. Noone is making people choose a side on a platform for just riding their bike in the garage.

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(Daren) #16

Picking a side? What, in the “culture war” that other guy was claiming is going on?

Well, you’re damn right I’m picking a side if that’s how it is. I’m picking the side of acceptance and inclusion against the side of bigotry and division.