Zwift and OneDrive upload issues

I’m setting up Zwift on my laptop, and successfully paired with Kickr.

However, I cannot get any of the workouts automatically uploaded to TP/Strava. When I end the workout, it gives me the option to upload; says it does, but it did not. I’ve checked and re-checked both TP and Strava.

It seems like OneDrive won’t let the files go through. I’ve tried going to settings, choose folders and unclicking Documents\Zwift (per instructions that I found on a Zwift forum post from almost 2 years ago). When I try to get OneDrive to finish syncing, it won’t do it because it says the folder is already on the computer, it needs to be renamed or deleted. So I renamed it. Problem still there, in fact it’s worse.

Please help. I feel like it’s a simple stupid solution, but I don’t know what to do.