Zwift and Huawei HarmonyOS 3.1 [SOLVED]

Good morning, everyone.
I would like to buy the HUAWEI MatePad 11.5-inch.
It has HarmonyOS 3.1.

Is there any problem to use Zwift app in the tablet?
Do you have any information about it please?

Many thanks,

The only report I’ve seen about HarmonyOS 3.x is this one:

It sounds HarmonyOS doesn’t run Android but has a compatibility layer to support Android apps, and it doesn’t come with the Google Play store pre-installed. That means Zwift probably won’t be testing their software on this tablet and might not offer much support if something doesn’t work. It might work but I would not assume smooth sailing. Apple and Samsung are the safest choices. Many other Android tablets will work but you should choose something that has a recognizable Android version number.

Many thanks for the suggestion.
I will look for a tablet that meets my needs among Samsung’s tablets.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

I tried on my Matepad11,5. From App Gallery its only shown Zwift Companion, there is no Zwift app. Tried download it with Petal using APK file but failed to open after installed.

The Samsung that’s causing some problems lately is the S6 Lite so I’d avoid that one.

I am using a Huawei tablet, but I can’t install the zwift app. Is there any solution. I am in China.

If it doesn’t appear in the Google Play store then no, it means your tablet is not supported for hardware or software reasons.

There was a discussion about it recently. I suspect the reason is it’s not really an Android tablet.

Hi everyone,

We don’t officially support HarmonyOS at this time. We currently support Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Apple TV operating systems.

For more information about our device compatibility, please view our Supported Devices to Run Zwift guide.

you can install zwift using the apk pure app to download and install, i have had it running on a matepad 10.4 previously

Hello everyone.
I finally got a Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Plus and… everything works fine.
Thanks to allo for the advices.