Zwift "Ambassadors"

Ambassadors can escalate/forward on requests to zwift but as you say it’s a bit frustrating. Along with the closure of support mailbox you have to go through the web contact every time even if it’s for an existing issue.

MY Ambassador didn’t offer any escalation path. Nothing. “repeat and prey” was my impression.

@Sara_Perrin_REVO: you missed my point - I greatly appreciate their help (and have said so multiple times) - but the institute itself (not the constituents) exemplifies the problem.

If we all agree to “workarounds”, we will never get bugs fixed: Zwift will have “solved” the problem. The “Ambassadors” will always be busy, and we can all merrily ride on. The cost of effective QA and S/W development will have been shouldered onto these volunteers, costing Zwift nothing.


I completely agree that the situation is bad. I don’t like the workarounds either. For me, the game has almost been unplayable since they went to server side pack. But trying to go through support just pisses me off even more since they step one is to blame the user so I suffer through the workarounds hoping for a better option to come along.

Completely valid viewpoint. Zwift support is terrible. This forum is a case in point. It used to be a positive place where people talked about rumours about the next update, all the good things that were happening on zwift and all that was good with the game. Now it is just a list of ongoing issues that the community is having to solve because zwift are so inept.

I dread to think how bad zwift would be without the dedicated unpaid support of the community. Quite frankly it’s embarrassing for zwift how bad things have got. Huge investment but the game is going backwards not forwards. Little new improvement or development of the game. UI still looks like something out of the 70s. Every update releases new bugs into the game. Still a completely complicated onboarding for new users. Complete lack of new gameplay or innovation.


Here’s a theory…

Let’s assume the following:

  • Zwift can make support function better.
  • Zwift can eliminate in-game bugs.
  • Zwift can improve it’s release/QA cycle so as to lower the number of bugs introduced with each update.

So… why isn’t it happening (or, why hasn’t it been happening fast enough?)

If you go by the logic in the following article, Zwift has made a conscious choice (again, if you follow and agree with the article’s logic… and my reasoning) to have us Zwifters provide pear-support through these forums (…and by becoming “Ambassadors”) as an expane-saving measure, adopting the client-as-testers policy, fixing only what is absolutely necessary.

If (if!) this is the case (and again, I have no link with Zwift so I can’t really tell…) - what we experience is intended, no coincidental. Zwift creates the platform (the forums) - support to the game will be provided (for free…) by us Zwifters.

Just a thought…

Yes, of course this is the case. I suppose in the software industry today your customer value should be at least a five-figure one to be able to reliably expect the kind of support where someone is actually interested in solving your problem rather than just going through stock answers one by one. Getting peer users rather than staff to recite the magic spells is obviously more cost-effective.

Where this model really breaks up with Zwift is the fragility of the software in terms of both persistent and new bugs and the support needs it creates. Just saying…

Ambassadors can raise bugs to support, but there is no feedback mechanism or way of keeping you updated so you never know if it will be resolved or not…

I raised one in the week and had this response from an ambassador:


I raised one and was directed nowhere. :frowning:

(and why should support be an open-ended loop endeavor?)

My problem with ‘ambassadors’ is much simpler. If I ask a question via on-line chat I get an email reply with a link in it. Whatever I try, though, I just get taken to the support page. What, pls, am I doing wrong?

Hello everyone!

First and foremost, thank you for sharing feedback on our current Ambassador program. This was rolled out about a year ago, and we’ve seen some great things come out of this. Ambassadors have been able to connect with the community and get more members riding and running! This is not to say that it is perfect right now. There are some hiccups along the way, and our team is committed to making the changes to assure that our community is receiving the help they need.

To clarify, there is a very specific path that leads you to our Ambassadors, and we’ve also funneled some support queries here to get answers back to our members even quicker. This has led to confusion, and we will address that more explicitly in our channels. If an Ambassador cannot help our members, they have the ability to escalate this to our team here at HQ (this is a seamless hand off from Ambassador to our support team, so no resubmission is required). We will make sure that this is addressed moving forward.

We are continuing to take away learnings and make adjustments to this program. We absolutely value the input here, and I hope that we continue to have these open conversations.


I recently reported a software issue via support and got a reply from a well-meaning Zwift ambassador who through no fault of their own was unable to help or escalate my queries. They also sent me to the forum where I (and others) had already reported the problem.

Here’s what I wrote:

"The way sprint and KOM jerseys work appears to have changed and/or has some bugs. I tried asking about this on the forum and verified its happening universally but no Zwift staff stepped up in to answer queries posed there.

There are two basic problems described at length at the link below. But basically for sprints and KOMs, each time you pass through the finish line your time is updated on the leaderboard even if your most recent time is slower than the previous time. It used to be that your fastest time held for an hour or so no matter how many times you did the sprint or climb in a session. This completely messes up group rides based on competing on best time for sprint overall for multiple lap sessions.

The other problem is that the jerseys are not appearing on the right person on the riders nearby list. They often on appear on the wrong person, usually someone who held it previously.

Both problems are described in detail on the forum and it would be really nice to have a response from Zwift and to know whether the change to the leaderboard was intentional or is a bug. "

Here’s reply I received.from an Ambassador:

"Thank you for reaching out to us today and also for pointing this out again.

I’m sure that the Zwift tech team are aware as it appears to be an issue affecting a number of users and it’s on the forums.

As an ambassador I don’t have the power to sort this, but hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Thanks again and Ride On."

I replied:
"The reason I wrote here is to get some acknowledgment of the issue. No staff from the forum has acknowledged the thread (despite being asked); it has not been marked as a known issue so there is no reason to assume they know about it. Nor has any Zwift staff answered the direct question as to whether this is an intentional change or a bug. While it is not in your purview to fix the issue I would hope that you would be able to send this up to the food chain to tech to make sure they are indeed aware and, on your side, as a customer service ambassador to help communicate an answer back on the straight forward question being asked. Is this new feature or a bug? If it is a bug, is it being addressed? I have resorted to writing here because there was no acknowledgement on the forum despite one being asked for by multiple parties.

Your help in making sure this is properly communicated about to tech and back to users like myself is very much appreciated."

The ambassador replied
"I’m afraid I don’t have a code to be able to pass this along.

I wish I could help you further, but the forum is the best place to report this.


So there seems to be two problems which are compounding each other. The first is that Zwift is not dedicating staff (or enough staff) to monitor and respond to real queries about software problems on this forum despite directing users to use it for support. Over the past six months I have seen fewer and fewer responses from staff on the forum (especially in threads on bugs and problems). The second is that Zwift is using volunteers (or at least non-employees) that it has not empowered with agency to report real problems up the food chain but told them redirect users to the forum. This creates the loop the original poster mentioned, where problems don’t readily get acknowledged, let alone fixed.

As you can imagine, this is frustrating for users. It also doesn’t strike me as fair or nice way to use the Ambassadors as it makes them the frontline target for frustrated users. (I personally didn’t know that an Ambassador was not Zwift staff until I saw this thread and am sure I am not alone.)

I think the problem needs to be addressed on two fronts: more responsiveness on tech/software bug reports from actual staff on the forum and empowering Ambassadors to actually escalate issues consistently.

The basic functionality of Zwift (from resistence issues on popular trainers to malfunctioning chat to jersey problems) seems to be degrading and it’s not being acknowledged in a meaningful way.

Apologies for the long post and thanks for your attention and help.


Very nicely put, @Lebasi_Lashley .

I hope no-one takes this personally, but I would never have agreed to serve as an “Ambassador”, given the current state of support (had I been invited to join…)

Although I greatly appreciate people investing their time - uncompensated - to help others, the question of to which extent such help actually allows this state of support to persist is inevitable.

My apologies to all those good people, with (undoubtedly!) good intentions - but my take is the “Ambassador” function perpetuates this sad state of affairs, not improving on it.

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They are paid.

Thanks, @Dave_ZPCMR , helpful as ever. This does clarify a lot (sigh…)

(As per Zwift’s definition, I will now re-classify myself as “newbie”.)

One more time…

Had another issue (this time, non-techinal.)

Specifically asked issue to be routed to tech support, not an “Ambassador”

Guess what? My request was completely ignored (@Josie_L: just one more example of how Zwift ignores paying clients.) Selecting “Chat” invariably leads to “We will connect you to our community support agents shortly”, without bothering to ask.

Here is how such a request looks like:

And here is a relevant quote form an “Ambassador”: “I’m sorry your query was routed through to myself, the system decides who best to route queries to.”

And then: “We’re sorry but this message could not be answered by a Zwift Ambassador, please visit Zwift Community Support

Support has officially became a black-hole, a dead end.

:rage: :rage: :rage:

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Pop your issue on here. Maybe we can help?

Thanks, @Stuart.Middlecoate … Unfortunately, I am missing the Team Vitality kit (UNICEF Ride Series).

And the point stays: Zwift has shut-down access to support for us mere mortals.

Thanks for the feedback. I do see that the issue was forwarded to our support team after speaking with the Ambassador. I am working with our team internally to ensure we are escalating properly.

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I did get a repose from support (the content of which is irrelevant for the purpose of this thread - what is relevant is that the issue was trivial) - though I have no reason to believe that was associated with an “Ambassador” taking any action (maybe because of the “We’re sorry but this message could not be answered” response - but it’s anybody’s guess as to what that means…) Having repeated the attempt, my routing indication seemed to have actually been honored, and a direct response was received.

My take is the whole “Ambassador” establishment serves as a filter to the support team, allowing the Ambassador to decide which client stands to be engaged by support (by escalating), with no user discernable way of effectively contributing to that decision (to quote: “the system decides who best to route queries to”.) “Ambassadors” are first-tier support now, but they do not have direct access to internal Zwift resources (?), which is essential (in my view…) for effective support.

My take is that the whole “Ambassador” establishment is counter-productive in terms of overall end-result, a step in the wrong direction. Simply investing in direct support (in addition to guidance to both clients and support staff) would have proven substantially more cost effective overall, in all aspects, including results (hint: fold “Ambassador” function back to support.)

If one insists, I am sure he/she will eventually get support’s attention. This, however, has a negative net result overall, even if the issue is eventually addressed and “solved”, as the negative goodwill generated (What is known as “Frustration” in Zwift-speak) adds up to a negative overall experience.

Is Zwift interested in direct-engagment with it’s clients? I wonder.


This forum is a perfect example of how bad zwift support has become. It used to be a place where people talked about racing, the big events, upcoming rumours of new releases and a place to celebrate all that was good about zwift

Now it is just a support forum. Look at the list of topics. Majority is just issues that people have that aren’t being resolved. Users are relying on the community rather than zwift support. Zwift would be dead without the community.

Supposedly, zwift has reduced the amount of new game development work to focus on the new user experience over the last 18 months. Can anyone tell me what these improvements are?