Zwift after vax booster shot

Wondering what after effects you all are seeing after vax booster shots.

My first two (Pfizer) were non events. Maybe a little more tired the next two days. But could have been other reasons. The booster though (Pfizer) is something different. Had mine the day before yesterday. And both mornings after, have seen average BPM about 10 higher than normal. Feel fine after the bout with the bike. But have gotten the chills about half an hour later. And I’m talking filling loosening teeth chattering chills. Last about 30 minutes. Then exhausted but otherwise ok the rest of the day.

2nd Pfizer felt rough for 24hrs after 24hrs of having had the jab.
Booster - nothing. Sore arm and that was it.

Can’t recall any increase in HR etc…

Hi Per,
Physical reactions to the main vaccination doses and the booster seem to vary widely across the population, and it could be that the timing of your chills are coincidences unrelated to your riding sessions and more to do with the time elapsed after waking, etc.

From a layperson’s point of view – I am not a health professional, nor do I play one on TV :slight_smile: – it sounds like you are having a mild reaction to the booster. That can be interpreted as a good sign that your immune system is working to adapt to the new information. It’s likely that you’ve seen the worst of it after two days. Hoping so, for your sake.

I had the Moderna Nos 1 and 2 in late spring (an mRNA vaccine like the BioNTech Pfizer one). After the first, I had no reaction at all, but after the second I was absolutely flattened for 36 hours with high temperature and chills, extreme fatigue, severe joint aches, and a resting heart rate about 20bpm higher than usual. I hadn’t had a day off sick in more than a decade before that.
About two hours ago I had the booster, so am wondering what kind of weekend I’m going to have! Hoping to still be able do a long ride tomorrow…

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I am on the Moderna train and after the booster shot, the only real difference was I had heightened sensitivity to temperature changes in my hands. Washing my hands with room temperature water felt sub-freezing. It lasted 6-8 hours and then went away. I also planned to not ride on the day after, so by the 2nd day, I was fine and back on the bike. As others have (and will say) results will obviously vary.

Moderna: sore arm from #1 but did not feel anything noticeable from #2 or #3.

I hope you’re feeling completely back to normal, Per.
20 hours after my booster, I just have the sore arm and raised resting heart rate, with some very mild fatigue.

Edit: I was feeling so good on Saturday afternoon (24 hours after booster injection) that I decided to ride my planned 120 km long-slow-distance, starting with grabbing the new Climber’s Gambit badge.
After an hour I had empty legs, and 30 minutes after finishing the ride less than a third in (having never pushed myself past sweet spot), I felt strong flu-like symptoms with hugely spiked temperature, etc., etc, followed by a sweaty night of rough sleep. It feels like I could have brought this on by stressing my system when it wasn’t ready. Next time, I’ll just schedule a rest day or two.

Felt a little ‘hungover’ the next day. Rode for 2 hrs the following day just fine.

I took a day off after both of my vaccinations. The first one hit me a bit harder than the second and I was a bit down on power for about a week.

Booster on Wednesday so we’ll see how that goes.

Hi I have had no issues, managed a recovery ride day after at Level 1/2 and noticed nothing other than sore arm.

Only speaking for second dose of Pfizer - but similar side effects, higher heart rate, slower for heart rate to go back down, less power.

Day before I had the chills and fatigue - it was 30°C outside and I’m inside in bed wrapped up in quilts. It took about a week to return back to normal.

For two days I didn’t ride.

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1st shot: Useless for a week afterward. Keeping up with Diesel Dan seemed difficult. Had to take several days off.
2nd shot: Looks like I did some easy Z1/Z2 rides in the following days.
Booster: Knocked me out early the day I got it. Took 3 days off the bike. Easy ride on the 4th day, set a new high FTP on the 5th day :muscle:.

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