Zwift activates Apple Homekit notifications on AppleTV

I’ve started using an appleTV to connect my wahoo smart trainer and zwift, I also own a Logitech ringbell camera that uses Apple’s Homekit, which has been working flawlessly. Homekit notifies of certain activities (packages or people at the door) or when the bell is pressed at the door, those notifications are only activated within a detection area of the camera image. However when I launch Zwift in the appleTV the notification settings seem to change for some unknown reason and I get a barrage of bogus activity detection notifications (which come with a PIP view of the camera), which is really distracting from the workout. I need to keep my remote close to dismiss all those notifications… Is there a setting within Zwift that would prevent this from happening?

Just to be clear this only happens when running Zwift on the AppleTV.