Zwift acting

For a couple days now, zwift has been acting up. I have a 2017 Kickr and it no longer responds to inclines. I have rebooted everything, switched from Apple TV to iPad and then to phone. My iPad has the most recent update…no luck, still no incline. I have also removed my pairing device (Cable ) that allows me to sync HR, power, and cadence. I also have used the companion app. I replaced all batteries, did several spin downs in the wahoo app and did a few calibrations. Nothing is working. I then opened FULGAZ and everything worked in that program, including power, HR, and resistance/incline. Any idea what’s going on and what I can do to fix this?

Logic dictates that if another app using the very same setup works correctly, than the app where it doesn’t is a suspect.

Time to reach for Zwift support…

Hi @Melanie_Facundo welcome to Zwift forums.

What are the chances that you are logged in to your account on multiple devices? This will create all kinds of problems, least of which is confusion about what device the trainer’s actually paired to. Please log out of all your devices by going through the usual process except by trashcanning your session instead of Save & Exit.

Power off whatever devices you don’t intend to use just for good measure. Then log in from your primary device. Same result, or no?