Zwift Account and App are Awful

Why does the Zwift app have such a terrible interface? I am pulling my hair out every time to try and find my prior rides/data and trying to select options and rides. I waste over 10 mins trying to get to a ride. When I am actually spinning its great, but getting to this point is so painful. The app always just wants to go and start a ride even if I select cancel. This is coming from someone who has extensive experience with apps, technology, computers, software ect. The app is simply a terrible experience. Like other users have noted, selecting tracks and finding any type of race schedule or sign up is painful. I rode the London flat today, it said the course was 15.0 miles. I never made it to any type of finish line, it just kept going. The orange bar on my screen was only 1/2 way full at 15 miles. I assume there would be a start and end. I had to end my workout in the middle of the road to finish. I still cant find it or any type of historical activity or user account log with my data (history, rides, statistics, PRs, ect.) I tried to expand the leader boards during my ride to see all the names and could not find any option for this. I have honestly never seen an exercise app be so non-user friendly.

Hi @Brendan_Mallon

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Sorry you had such a bad first ride experience. Getting to know the interface take a few clicks.

First off, there is definitely a learning curve when you start Zwift, so give it a little time. It’s sort of like moving to a new city and you have to figure out where everything is. Before you know it everything will feel much more familiar. Second, there is no route called ‘London Flat’ so I’m not really sure what route you chose. Looking at your activity from 1/4/22, though, it appears more likely that you chose something else, as your spawn point and direction were different than any of the ‘London’ loops. It also looks like you only rode 5.88 miles, not 15, so perhaps there was some other issue. Additionally, there really isn’t an ‘end’ to Zwift rides. Most routes are just a circuit and you will continue to ride and ride and ride until you choose to stop, even if this means doing the route multiple times. Some other cycling apps, like FulGaz, tend to have a set point where the ride just ends.

I do hope you’ll come back to the forum with more questions. The folks here are pretty helpful and should get you on your way quickly. Sort of like asking a neighbor where the grocery is when you get to that new city.



Ah, wrong Brendan, he did the London 8 route and went 21 miles.

@Brendan_Mallon, you’ll get used to it, just keep at it. You can find all you ride history in the companion app, however, apps like strava are far better at tracking your activities. I suggest you link zwift with strava, if you don’t have a strava account you can create a free one.

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