Zwift Academy Workout 8 improvement suggestion

Just completed workout 8 for Zwift academy. The goal of this workout is to increase your 4min power. The workout spends ages getting you to think/guess at what power to aim for in the 4 min freeride interval near the end.
This could be improved by the instructions in the previous workout (7) telling you what’s coming in workout 8 and to note your 4 min power on your power curve at the end of session 7, so you’re well prepped for session 8.
FWIW, I did this and am confident that I was able to produce a well paced workout 8 because of this.
Admittedly, this is a little late for 2019 but there’s always next year.
And thanks for running Zwift Academy. I found it surprising motivating and fun.

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