Zwift Academy Workout #1

Hi @David_Farrington,
That workout is not a FTP test that is why.

Hi @Craig_Martin_Herd_Of

From the workout description:

Thanks Gerrie. Too bad my Power and W/kg isn’t elite, apparently my 8min was compared to my FTP… :wink:
Some people’s immediate response was that my FTP was low, but it matches up perfectly with an all-out Bologna TT a week ago.
I do typically recover from efforts quickly, and in my previous running career was able to do some pretty good 1/2 marathons (Lactate!)

I’m with Scott Edgar, a Pro Contract’s out of the question at 52 years old and after 30 surgeries. I’ve never played Atari, Playstation, or any other games outside of pretending I was actually slow (Sandbagging) 18 years ago when I actually was fast and strong.
Like a few others, I backed off quite a bit to a 1.4 w/kg or 166 w because the screen text advised me to. Total game amatuer! I did stay backed off thinking I wouldn’t get a star if I pushed over my FTP of 207 when I did the first TT at 2.4 w/kg over 34 minutes straight. I guess I have much to learn about games but am happy to be getting fit again.

And with a pro contract typically $22k pa US, I doubt if it would an option anyway.

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EXACTLY what I want to know.
I can look at my Strava data and see what my average wattage was for that 8min segment, but what do I do with that to work out my FTP from that ride?
My concern is that I did the ramp test 2 days before I started the Zwift academy and had a BIG jump in my FTP (from 211W to 233W). The 211W was achieved doing the 20min effort FTP test in Zwift 3 or 4mths ago and I did that after I had completed the 12wk build up programme. Since then I feel that I have only been doing enough for “maintenance”. So to get a big increase using Ramp test made me question the test. Therefore I wanted a “2nd opinion” using the Zwift Academy Workout 1 data.

I hope we get a reply from someone in the know!!!

The workout wasn’t a FTP test. You now know your 8min power.

Guys, FTP is defined to be 60 minute power, or some functional equivalent like a time trial of about that duration. If you can’t sustain your FTP over 8 mins then your ftp is set too high, you were dehyrdrated or your fan sucks – sorry but its true. Remember if your “FTP” came from a 25min race while you were fresh it could be VERY inaccurate.

FTP is just one number on a power duration curve that goes from 1s out to 3+ hours (infinite I guess).
For more information try to look up “Training and Racing with a Power Meter” by Coggan et al.

At the end of the workouts you will have a power curve that represents a great deal of this profile and the analysts can then directly compare you to others.

Training peaks, Golden Cheetah (and I guess Today’s plan) can then estimate your ftp from this curve.

As for myself, my FTP came from Sufferfest’s ramp test/Garmin 530 (They actually agree – woot!) and I was feeling pretty strong at that level for 5 mins so I hung on to a higher cadence and managed 309 from FTP of 280 so pretty happy. Was feeling a bit sick though as I had NO IDEA that it was this intense of a ride and I am too competive to back down once I see this sort of challenge.