Zwift Academy tutorial?

Is there a singular document or video or content in any format that simply explains the entire Zwift Academy?

I found lots of articles and tidbits and an email or two, but they are all incomplete. When I add them all up, they are still incomplete. When I completed the baseline I saw people asking questions, still incomplete.

I went to Support and asked. Got lots of answers to questions I wasn’t asking. My mind was blown by being in category C and yet there’s no such thing as a category C work out. What? How would I have ever known this? Insert mind blown gif here…

Can’t find a simple schedule. I can find multiple things that are called schedule that have pieces of the schedule, but again, mind blowing that this isn’t simply laid out.

Rant: This is the third year I’ve tried to do the Academy. Hopefully I can actually finish it without being confused into quitting. I’m probably a little bit on the spectrum here so I need things plain and simple. I think there’s a huge amount of information about the Zwift Academy and maybe Zwift in general that is just tribal knowledge and not actually written down in plain language. The result of this is that after two years on Zwift and a lot of (non competitive) cycling experience I am still constantly finding things that seem fundamental that I don’t know the answer to, and having a hard time finding the answers. Very much makes me feel like an outsider and that this platform is for professionals only. Rant over, help appreciated.

Hi @Dan_Sullivan1, welcome to the forums.

Short answer… no… there isn’t a guide to the ZA or a defined training schedule, you can do the workouts as quickly as you want or more spread out. It’s on you to determine what is best based on your current fitness and time available to train. Here is a good video about how it all works:

and how to do the baseline/finish line rides (new this year as you probably already know)

Hope that helps a little.

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Thanks Mike. I was hoping for a 2 page outline! Thank you for taking the time to pull these and share.

@Dan_Sullivan1, check out the latest video that Sarah put out about planning for Zwift Academy and organizing your training.

Hey Dan,

Just wanted to say you’re not alone - I didn’t understand booking a workout/recovery ride for the same reason, I’m category C too and it’s confusing that C is there but you can’t click on it - surely there shouldn’t be any options shown if you can’t choose them.

I also found the information a bit scattered out. I am doing the Academy for the first time too, and the info seems spread across the introductory email and the website.

Hopefully you’re heading in the right direction now, I’ve done my baseline and will get my first two blocks in and then book the group recovery ride.

Good luck!