Zwift Academy Tri 2020 team selections

Hey ZA Tri Academy 2020 grads!

We’re grateful for the overwhelming response on the tri community’s passion for this program.

We know you’ve been eagerly waiting for news on selections, and with so many outstanding results to analyze, there’s been a few delays. We appreciate your patience.

We’re planning on introducing the 2020 Zwift Academy Tri Team members to the world in early March. Stay tuned!


Got the email this morning. Was super stoked when I read the first line of it. Then realised later on it was a generic :disappointed:


To quote Loyd Christmas “so you are telling me there’s a chance…” :slight_smile:


How many people completed the program this year?

Hahah true that! :laughing:

I saw it somewhere but can’t find it. Want to say4,000 women ?? 8+,000 men

I know right thought for sure they were picking me!

Just checking still haven’t got my application yet?

Application for what?

More like impatiently, lol!

IIRC the first year of the team had an application process rather than workouts. I do remember filling out an application once upon a time with my Zwift level in bike and run, goal race to KQ, and previous race times. I would bet my tron bike that the finalists from the workout round get a similar application and from there HQ makes the call.

We were asked to do a 3 min video to submit …

Natalie Lawrence (nee Barnard)

Edit: Removed Personal information

Do you mean for this year 2020? So you already received a mail now Natalie ?

Hi @shooj any update
On when the finalists are told whether they’ve made the cut or not ? I don’t recall why but I have March 9 in my head !?


Finalists will be notified soon. Thanks everyone for your patience as we had many great video submissions!


I bet you did. Was so great to be asked to be a coach leader for last wednesdays Tri247 group ride.
Am VERY emotional right now: nerves / anticipation/ excitement/ doubt !

Natalie Lawrence (nee Barnard)

The academy process has been such a motivation it has really helped me refocus on what’s important to get to my best. After the sessions I went and did Dans course and putting what I’ve learned in to practice has given me so much more confidence again and fitness is just getting better. I mean I hadn’t done a 4 hour trainer ride for more than 10years before I started with Zwift :joy::+1:t2::muscle:t3:

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any updates …???

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But…should we do a video submission? When?

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Yea, FYI I’ve got the tri academy kit selected still. It’s almost getting weird now but I’ll keep it until hear one way or the other. :slight_smile: