Zwift Academy Road [2022]

I got the mail with numbers. But for the long en medium segment I have the same percentile so is my phenotype right as pursuiter ?

My email took like 30hours to be delivered!

Hi. I did the Baseline Ride September 15 18:00 and got the empty Baseline Data mail the day after. But i Never got a mail after that with the data. Neither did my wife.

Anyone else get the socks before the headband?

Looks like you’re tied for pursuiter and time trialist. Sprinters excelled in the shortest segment.

Was it meant to be the other way round?

I got the socks after workout #2 … no sign of the headband yet.

Is there a list of when the unlocks should be available, as I have been kind of assuming they would all be released together when I completed all the rides, but apparently not?

Apropos of nothing, this email situation is an interesting one.

I did the Baseline Ride on Monday evening, and got an empty email on Wednesday, followed by a correct one (identifying me as a sprinter - which would be obvious if you saw me, as my build is definitely more Hoy/Cav than Froome/Yates).

It looks like there are definitely multiple issues going on with this.

Q: How do I unlock rewards in Zwift Academy?

A: You will automatically unlock rewards as you progress through the Academy. At 25%, you’ll unlock socks. You’ll get the sweatband at 50%. At 75%, you snag the kit. And at 100% completion, you’ll score the bike paint. You’ll also be able to track your progress on the Zwift Companion app as well as receive email notifications of your swag.

In the Zwift Academy emails, we’re provided percentile groups (e.g., in Short Segment a user might be in the 60th percentile). How does Zwift compile these groups: age, gender, all riders?

Great question that remains unanswered. Percentile of what exactly… nobody seems able to answer.