Zwift Academy Road 2022

Looks like the details just dropped for this years program. I’ve summed up the details in a brief article here, feel free to check it out: Zwift Academy Road 2022 Announced - ZRace Central. Zwift page: The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


I wonder what this means. No clues provided. And the link to the FAQs page returns 404.

It normally means that the mission hasn’t started registration yet.


I cant even load the ZRace Central page…yet.

What browser and device are you on?

chrome/windows OS

I’ll send you a PM as this isn’t quite related to the topic.

Same here. It says my profile is not eligible for registration. and that I have to update my profile info.

Hi everyone,

Registration doesn’t start until August 15th (1500 UTC) so you won’t be able to reguster before then.


@James_Zwift maybe the message should be changed. This has been noted a number of times, as it is confusing. Can the wording just be changed to say something like “Registration is not yet open for this event/mission” instead of leading the user to think that there is something wrong with their profile?

Yeah, I know Nigel.

@Paul_Southworth - Thanks for letting us know about the error on the FAQ page. The link has been updated but for ease, here is the link to the FAQ page.

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Thanks James… getting the same did wonder if i was too keen :rofl::rofl:

Is there a tie-in with Today’s Plan this year (i.e., a customized version of the Today’s Plan app available for the duration of the Academy), as in previous years?