Zwift Academy Road 2021 FAQ

What I do when I get into the "Erg spiral of death is just turn Erg off for a bit, then once your pedaling is back to normal, turn it back on. Not sure if that helps.


Because so many new Zwifters are doing this training event series, it is extra important for ZHQ to make this as easy as possible. Obviously it would have been possible to give notice of the start for the test sections since there’s new 500m to go signs.

So many riders in my event this morning had no idea of when the sections were going to start. I had the start distances list on my table and messaged the group as we rode. Judging by the number of “Thanks” I got there were lots who had no idea where the sections were.

Maybe a ride leader bot. They could speak to all of these questions when we leave the pen.

And how in the world did I end up with a black cap? I couldn’t switch it out and that was annoying.

Come on, I know you can do better than this.

I think the mistake is that ZA is marketed as a plan/event “for everyone”, it really isn’t. This is a boot camp trying to identify outstanding individuals for a pro contract. This is not meant for beginners, as evidenced by all the issues with noobs not having a clue what’s going on, when to do the workouts, how often, etc…

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You need to be IN the game (I.e. riding in one of the worlds) in order for the ‘Join Event’ button to pop up on the screen. You can’t start from the menu.

I’m also unsure about how many times we should be doing each workout. Each of the group workouts are scheduled a week apart and I understand they need to be done sequentially but I would normally do 2 high intensity sessions per week.

Does that mean I should do each one twice per week and then move on to the next one the following week?

I think that would be ok, but personally I would do two per week sequentially (workout 1 and 2 during 1st week, 3 and 4 the following week, etc), but I’m not a coach so don’t listen to me.

@Shayne-Gaffney what do you suggest for this?

Thanks. I was spinning like crazy and I didn’t feel like I was backing off any, it just got harder to pedal no matter what I did. Oh well. I’m not gonna bother with redoing the first workout. I’ll continue on to the the 2nd,rd, etc. workouts.
I don’t typically do workouts. I either race TTT’s or individual races or just climb towards the concept bike. Thanks everyone for chiming in.

Hi Martin, I was on the same ride and I have the same issue, the ride is in my log, yet it’s not ticking the box in my Zwift Academy progress, nor does it show my results for the segments. Grrrr. Have you found a way to have this work?

Are there ZA specific Recovery Rides? I don’t see any in app or companion app. So I’d did a group recovery ride outside of ZA and it didn’t show on my progress/completed events for ZA. I am new to Zwift so a lot to figure out. Thanks in Advance

Hi @El_Jefe, welcome to the forums. The recovery rides start in week 3, no other group rides will count towards ZA, they have to specifically be part of ZA.

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Awesome. Thanks Mike

If you try to join a group workout through the Academy Road block 1 workouts page there is no indication of which workout you are joining:

Select Group workout, select day and time and the webpage will always indicate “Race Category A - Park Perimeter Loop” (the course for the 1st workout). If you select a time that should be for the 2nd workout (which is on the Cobbled Climbs course) you’d expect it to show that course but it doesn’t, it shows the Park Perimeter Loop as the course.

Once again I have had to go to a third party website (ZwiftHacks) to figure out exactly what is going on and which event is on at a particular time and signed up through the link on that site rather than use the janky official Zwift site.

Come on guys, why do you consistently drop the ball on the user experience when it comes to these little (but important) details?


You can actually go into the Workouts in the Zwift app and choose Zwift Academy 2021. There you can select any workout number you want and do the workout anytime you want. You won’t ride with a group I guess but you can select the workout you need to do or re-do and ride whenever you please.

Hey all -

Great questions on this thread, thanks for them!

Here are my 2 cents on supplemental Zwift Academy workout suggestions for those who were curious: Supplemental Zwift Academy Workout Suggestions | Zwift

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Thanks for that! That’s a really nice article that I’m sure will provide useful advice to many.

BTW I’m really enjoying this year’s ZA, it seems a lot better designed than last year (where it seemed to be basically just testing various points on power curve, not really “training” as such). Though I did find this morning (#2) way too tough…possibly just me, #1 was fine…

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yep, terrible user experience. with 20k miles under my belt on the platform even i’m confused. i can’t imagine a newer user being thrilled with this experience. a shame as this is the current “big thing” and it’s so poorly implemented.

Recovery ride feedback:

Route choice is important. I found it difficult to settle in during the recovery ride today as the group entered Titans Grove and the undulating terrain. You can see my power and cadence graph was pretty even until we started going up and into the rolling hills, between the highlighted lines. I found it difficult to choose the correct gear, had to change gears a lot, and it wasn’t as relaxing as it could have been. It was much easier settling in to an easy gear and cadence on the flat sections in the desert.

My rides are counting as workouts but not as group rides.

If you do both baseline rides , does one over rule the other depending on which one was done first ?

You will get results in the companion app for both.