Zwift Academy Road 2021 Baseline Ride FAQ

Thanks that will be a huge improvement for the community.


Great to hear. Thanks for making the change!

I had the same bug this morning (on a Windows PC) - I joined a recovery ride late and, even though my usual S-works silver helmet was selected, it appeared as though I was wearing a black cap. Other people’s headgear looked normal.

I’m going to venture a guess that this is the same long standing display bug (or maybe it is intended behavior) that happens when joining a group ride where everyone has the same jersey. I’m pretty sure the black cap is part of the ZA 2021 jersey, and you may see your avatar wearing it, but others probably see your silver helmet (while they have the black hat on in their view). This can also happen when you exit the group ride, you change back to your usual jersey/helmet/socks, but others are still wearing the ZA jersey.


Will the finish line ride be the same as baseline event title or will there be separate event for finish line rides as next week is the last week before the 27th end date for some?


All Rides prior to September 27 are Baseline Rides and rides between September 28 - October 25 are Finish Line Rides.

October 27th, not September. The finish line rides will be titled “finish line”.

Thanks for clarifying. So it is just the two bonus rides that has to be done by start of Oct. Also looks like you can only do each recovery ride route once for it to count. Which means wait for Oct 3. when the route for the next recovery ride to go active. Then do the finish line line ride. Plenty of time between ZRL or other rides/events to redo some workouts till then.

They should’ve set up the recovery rides as an Erg mode workout with the entire event set to 60-70% of FTP. They could’ve done the same thing for the Baseline with the ride at sub-FTP and the test sections open. That way people don’t overdo it in the parts they’re supposed to take it easy. I was passed and repassed so many riders when they’d go blasting by after the test section only to not be able to maintain their power when it counted.

I don’t understand why you are so concerned about what other riders are doing. They may be a lot fitter and don’t need as much recovery. The first 3 workouts was only 65TSS each over 3 weeks, that is not a lot of stress on the system.

The question is could you ride at recovery pace in the Recovery ride?

No route will be perfect for people with such variable ability.

Doing recovery in a workout is very boring that is why it is done in a open group ride.

I’m not “so concerned about what other riders are doing”. I do like to see others have the information needed to succeed in their program and the Zwift Academy as it is currently structured comes up very short. Especially for riders new to Zwift which I believe the core audience.

Here’s the top (bottom?) 3:

  1. Not knowing where the start of each test segment is.
  2. Not really knowing how long they are.
  3. Not understanding the point of the Baseline ride.

If a bunch of riders pass me going at 95% of FTP after the first test segment and then I pass them during the next test, they obviously are not “a lot fitter” than me. They don’t understand they want to rest between the segments so they can perform at their best to establish an accurate baseline.

When I did the Baseline ride the second time, I pretended to be ride leader and gave a little background about the ride and where the starts were. About 30 people thanked me for that before, during and after the ride. Felt pretty good to help them with their baseline.

That’s why it bugs me that Zwift dropped the ball on this aspect of the program.

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  1. This has been addressed by adding big purple banners at the start and end of the segment. It is also in the text in the ride description.

  1. this is also in the ride description.

  2. This is also in the ride description.

C’mon Gerrie, this isn’t your first day on Zwift. You know full well that most people don’t read the ride description. If you start Zwift and sign up for the ride directly in the program then you never actually see the ride description. You will only see the ride description if you scroll through it on the companion app (which not everyone uses) or if you you stop and read it on the Zwift events webpage (which not everyone does).

Maybe this obfuscation was part of Zwift’s master plan all along. If you’re not professional enough to read the ride description and check the route beforehand then you’re not pro-cyclist material. Route recon and knowing the race plan is part of the job.


LOL @Aoi_Niigaki That is so true.

I made a request a long time ago that would show the Ride description in game when you select a ride. but that did not get attention.

So much extra development just because people don’t want to read? That is why we don’t get new suff. :tired_face:

So once I’ve registered for the event, do I just hit the RIDE button in the last minute before the event and join a random ride?
I was looking for LAVA AND LEGENDS route but it wasn’t there so missed the event :woman_shrugging:

Yes, the UI is terrible. To join an event, you have to click the Ride button. It doesn’t matter which route (or even which world) you choose.

Then, about half an hour before the event, a “Join Event” button will appear on your screen. Click that, and you will be teleported to the starting paddock for the event.

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Don’t wait till the last minute. Start riding early any route on any world is good, the join event button will pop up in the bottom left corner. Click the join event with at least 5minuies to go to make sure you get in the pen early.

Did a recovery ride today and also did one a few days ago, both did not count for some reason… Internet connection was good and saved properly. Anyone else have the same issue? My dashboard reads 2/4 group rides. I have done the baseline already so it should be 3/4.

The second recovery ride is not active yet. Have to wait.

Ok. That makes sense now. Thanks!

I just ghastly squeal from the start of the box appearing to the TV binging at me… It also let’s the kids know I’m about to bust and bring water/towel/pat me on back :joy:… KOM I just cry and swear the whole way… Getting onto the veledrome gonna be fun :joy: