Zwift Academy Road 2020 Issues


Everything was going well until workout 5. While I compléted it on October 30, it does not show as completed on the tracker.

ZA Road workout 1 completed but no credits given…

Is there an issue with the zwift academy dashboard? I don’t see it at all and am not getting credited for any of the workouts I have done

I completed all the workouts and group rides/races, but the Zwift app on my iPad and iPhone and the Zwift Companion app say “3/4 group rides/races completed” and “8 workouts completed” while the Zwift website says I have completed everything. However, the Zwift app doesn’t allow me to use the Canyon Aeroad bike, which was supposed to be awarded at the completion of Zwift Academy :thinking:

I sent a message to this address. The response I received was:
Thanks for contacting us!
Replies sent to this inbox will no longer directly reach our team, so if you want to contact us, don’t reply to this email - we won’t get your response. Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions and if you still need help, our contact is below.

Does this mean my message won’t reach the team? The one I sent with the details about the uncredited ZA activity?

Hi All, If you haven’t had your ride credited, please email me at with your Zwift ID, the type of ZA event and the date you completed and I will check up on your credit request. or ask for it to be credited. Thanks


Hi. I’ve completed all 8 workouts and all 4 group rides but I’m not sure I’ve got the bike for graduating.

Just read it’s the Canyon Aeroroad so should it be unlocked now?

Also, I was hoping for some “well done, you’ve graduated” type positivity but I’ve not seen anything.

Is “official” graduation done at the end of ZA Road (ie 25th Nov)?

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You should unlock a special paint job for the Aeroroad. You will have to purchase it from the drop shop if that’s the bike in the men’s academy. You should also receive an email but it may take a few days in the system before you receive that. Does it show you’ve graduated in your companion app? Did you receive a jersey for completing the 12th credit?

I got my Aeroroad without buying it from the shop after completing ZA. It may have taken a day to register.

Thanks for the replies!
So I have spotted the ZA in the Companion app (tucked away expanding arrow!) and it does say completed! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ll hang on for a day or two to see if things “catch up”

I appear to be stuck at 7/8 workouts and 4/4 group rides/races. I have completed 2 academy workouts in the last 3 days and neither of them have updated. I should be at 100% complete now. Can you please fix this.

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The companion app does however show that the academy has been completed in terms of workouts and rides but still says 91%

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I have replied to your email Garry. Cheers

Thanks a lot, Sam! My issue was resolved within a couple of days!

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Hey, I’m having the same issue. I have completed all rides, that is 8 workouts and 4 group rides but it says I have 91% complete. Any idea how I overcome this.

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I sent an email to Zwift support showing screenshot of issue and screenshot of completed activities. They acknowledged my activities were captured, must be a bug and resolved the issue within a week on their end. All my activities are now showing complete.

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Hi there, I completed the Richmond Race the other day but it doesn’t show up as a completed event. Who do I contact to get this recognized? Thanks!

Were currently working on a mass fix for the 91% bug! I will update this forum further once I receive feedback from ZHQ.


I have completed all workouts and rides, didn’t get the graduation|241x500

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Have you logged back in and started a ride, not just watch?