Zwift Academy 2019 Open for Registration

I know I won’t come anywhere remotely close to getting signed by a professional team, but the training plan is probably pretty good. Anyone have experience from last year that they can share? There aren’t many details yet, but I would like to know how long the workouts are on average and are these group workouts or individual plans? I imagine it is pretty intense training.

Last year was not to bad, about an hour long. See the workouts below.

I think it is getting easier every year. :sob:

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Thanks Gerrie!

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Workout 1 last year nearly made me quit - i thought it was brutal (81 stress points). However I hadn’t been pushing myself in the 4-8 weeks prior. I survived and finished it up. I’ve been doing L’Etape workouts so I’ll enjoy maybe a couple weeks off then I’ll jump into ZA19 and hopefully more fit than last year. Go for it!

81 TSS at any fitness level will be hard.

I have taken part the last few years and really like it.

I didn’t compete all the events last year because I thought the “social” rides were a bit of a waste of time - just maintaining 1-2w/kg for an hour.

This year it seems you can do any combination of events to make up your quota - so could be all races if you wanted.

The workouts themselves are pretty good and varied - some are really hard in my opinion.

In the past you could do the workouts as part of a group or on your own - your choice.

It’s great fun. Good training and at over 60 I wasn’t very hopeful of winning an under 23 contract😜. And I’ll be back for more of the same this year

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